IT BEGINS: Another Potential 2020 Democrat Supports ‘Medicare for All’

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Former governor of Virginia and potential 2020 Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe threw his full support behind a universal healthcare program throughout the US over the weekend; saying he’d like to take Obamacare “to the next level.”

The longtime Clinton insider was speaking with CNN when he was asked to clarify his position on a potential ‘Medicare for All’ scheme; saying he’d support the initiative should he decide to run for president.

“What about Medicare for all?” asked CNN’s Dana Bash.

“I support Medicare for all,” McAuliffe confirmed. “I support that everybody in this country gets access to quality, affordable health care. Whatever you may want to call it. The system today—I was a big supporter of the ACA. We do need to tweak it take it to the next level. We need to fix it. Am I for health care for all individuals, affordable quality health care? You bet I am.”

h/t Washington Free Beacon

It begins? How can there be another dem supporting it if it hasn’t already begun?

What Democrat in the past 20+ years isn’t a Clinton political insider with all
of the evil things that the Clinton did? I mean it took a whole party, and how many
people how many hours to destroy all of their evidence, and they still couldn’t hide
it all?

Some how Obama didn’t know about it either. Even though he got emails from Hillary
Clintons illegal personal email. hahaha. lmao!