IT BEGINS: Another Potential 2020 Democrat Supports ‘Medicare for All’ | Sean Hannity

Former governor of Virginia and potential 2020 Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe threw his full support behind a universal healthcare program throughout the US over the weekend; saying he’d like to take Obamacare “to the next level.”

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Wasn’t Obamacare deemed “Unconstitutional?” The middle class bore the brunt of that fiasco. I’m sure the democrats will be more than happy to put more of a financial burden on America’s working class. They’d have to with their push for open borders.
I honestly don’t mind paying a bit more to help America’s poor, but think it’s very unfair of democrats to expect us to pay for non-citizens. Giving millions of illegal immigrants asylum, won’t make it any more fair.
The democrat’s agenda is nothing more than globalism. They’re trying to use socialism to force Americans to accept their policies. Communist Germany did the same thing. There was no war, they just used policy and ignorant people to set communism in place.