Israel's Netanyahu wins reelection with parliamentary majority - tally

Well it looks like BIBI IS STICKING AROUND . So much for the naysayers and south asian monday morning quarterback “experts.” I strongly support Israel’s right. to exist. What say you?

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Robert Francis will be so disappointed.

This election had nothing to do with Israel’s right to exist. All the parties (well Jewish parties at least) support Israel’s right to exist, that is just an ignorant and irrelevant strawman.

Likud won a PLURALITY of votes and seats, NOT a MAJORITY. As usual, Netanyahu must stick his nose firmly up the behinds of the rabbi’s and get their (highly priced) graces for his government. He can go so far and ONLY so far as his coalition partners will permit, as has always been the situation.

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are you suggesting the other Israeli parties don’t support their own nation right to exist?

No i did not. The best man won, unlike the crying going on with trump Derangement Syndrome here in this land. Read my post again on whom i was talking to. Ha ha ha

He won by grovelling better to religious fundamentalist.

well to be fair the Palestinians were screwed no matter who won.

evict them to were? is the real question. There is no way Netany is going to let them join Israeli that is like 5 more arab voters.

Sheikh Usama bin Laden will be disappointed m, roo, as will Arafat

Correct Likud won 36 seats, Blue and white won 35 , There are 120 seats in the kenneset so a coalition has to be formed.


Seems the two state solution is dead.

Is Israel going to a Jewish state or will it be a Democratic state?

The two state solution has been dead for the past decade. The West Bank has no reason to want to join with the Gaza Strip. The best one can hope for is a three state solution, personally I think way to much attention is focused on Israel a slither of land the size of New Jersey that the world is obsessed with.