Israeli PM Netanyahu indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust

Why do I feel like this is the third time I heard this news?

And why is it that he’s not in jail yet?

If Trump were really worried about corruption, one would think he’d have started with Bibi. Dude’s as corrupt as they come. Seems like we should be withholding all aid to Israel and until we get their corruption situation figured out. If we really cared about corruption.


Because he’s not guilty.

Sounds like we need an investigation of corruption in Israel before any foreign aid is sent…


If only Trump could ask for immunity from congress…the country could move forward?

Israeli authorities are anti-Semitic!


Given the chunk of change we throw at Israel every year I’m positive that Donald, with his unmatched zeal for uprooting corruption will jump right on this.


Trump doesn’t like corruption, so this would make sense.

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Bibi, gonna love to see your ass in an Israeli jail for a longggggggg time.

Could not happen to a better crook.

Well maybe gotti.


The guy has always been a crook about time they got around to an indictment.


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Birds of the feather flock together. That’s Trump’s folks, right?

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The one major problem is that Israel has no written constitution. Essentially the Knesset is the Supreme Authority. But there is no mechanism in existence to handle this kind of situation.

No senate here to protect you

Also we’re always the ones on the hook to pay money.

Given that Israel is a big beautiful wall between the Arab world and…the Mediterranean…maybe we should suspend our aid until…I don’t know…Cyprus coughs up some money.

No he hasn’t.

These are some serious charges . :flushed:

Out of fat donald’s playbook.

He,s as innocent as the driven snow and these are political charges and he will be exonerated. Lol

It’s like Nixon.

I am not a crook.



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I think I have an inspired thought to ensure that D Trump gets Israel to investigate Netanyahu thoroughly: get Hunter Biden appointed to Netanyahu’s Likud Party.

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Yeah right.