Israeli Election Results

Israel is holding it’s elections today and results should be coming in relatively soon. Exit polls seems to show a very tight race between Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and the more liberal “Blue and White” coalition led by Benjamin Gantz. It will be interesting to see what direction the country chooses to take.

I would just inject, that by “more liberal” we are talking by a relatively small matter of degrees.

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Eh…small victories. Pretty much anything would be an improvement over Netanyahu.

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So the choice is Gabtz, a true military hero or Netanyah a guy under indictment umm


Israel needs a change.

Not going to happen. Even if a party that is perceived as relatively centrist wins the election, they still must come crawling to the Ultra-Orthodox and far right MK’s to get to the magic 61 seats to form a government.

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I did find it funny that Netanyahu blatantly pandered to Trump for election help, asking him for such assistance as declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps an international terrorist group (which Trump) and those who vigorously complained about Obama’s involvement in the Israeli elections were silent this time.


You weren’t joking… they even look the same, lol.

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This is all very normal.


Yep, just like home…

Foreign influence, racism, the whole deal.


Who won?

Bibi won…

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The racist? What the hell?

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I gotta see this. Video?

I got nothing by way of video. Sorry

Yeah I can’t seem to find anything. You would think she would have posted a short vid with her tweet. Hope it wasn’t fake news.

Wait, I thought he was going to jail, no?

Are you telling me that the haters here we’re wrong, once again?

My God it must suck to be so wrong so often. We can only hope they continue, just for the shear entertainment.