ISRAEL UNLEASHED: Israel Erects MASSIVE WALL Along Northern Border to Combat Terror

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Israeli officials took their fight with Hezbollah and other terror networks to the next-level this week, with officials in Jerusalem confirming they were nearing completion of a massive wall along their northern border with Lebanon.

According to Fox News, “Israel is building a massive wall along its northern border, saying the barrier is needed to protect civilians from Hezbollah attacks, but the project has raised tensions with Lebanon, which fears the fence will encroach on its territory.”

“This wall, if it is built, will be considered an aggression against Lebanon,” said an official with the Lebanese government. "The Higher Defense Council has given instructions to confront this aggression to prevent Israel from building this so-called wall barrier on Lebanese territory.”

“Even for the past year before we started this construction, we’ve coordinated this activity with UNIFIL, and through UNIFIL with the Lebanese Armed Forces. We’ve alerted them of our intention to do so, to construct this defensive mechanism,” said a Major from the IDF.

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