Israel - Knife to a Gunfight

You see? You see what happens!


I tried a YouTube search of it. Didn’t find it, but there are apparently plenty of other incidents just like this.


That’s what happens in a country where everyone 18 or over must serve in the IDF, for sure…

They don’t.

Ok, ALMOST everyone. Male and female.

Yea he only got 4…Imagine how many he could have gotten if he had a gun.


“A knife-wielding man”, “a 34-year-old Arab man from the nearby Bedouin town of Hura” is what you read up front but later it’s revealed…“Palestinian”. Hmmmm…why is that?

It’s a rhetorical question? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

You have any idea how weak that counterfactual is?

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As is your argument that if everyone carried guns this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

Wrong. That is not my argument at all.

No. If the right people carried guns stuff like this would get stopped immediately.

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