Israel at War - Hamas Attacks

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Israel should continue their campaign in Gaza until all hostages are returned. If not Israel should reduce the Gaza Strip to the bottom photo on the left.
■■■■ hamm-ass.
Iran backed Hezbullah is now threatening Israel from Lebanon. Once Gaza is a wasteland the IDF should start systematically assassinating their leadership then destroying their capabilities. ■■■■ them too.


with the way Biden is withholding weapons, it may not be long before Bibi uses strategic nuclear weapons…

Nah. Israel has a pretty strict unsaid doctrine on nuclear weapons use. Essentially unless the Israeli state is in danger of completely collapsing they won’t use them.


US moves forces closer to Israel and Lebanon amid concerns of escalating cross-border fire

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They might have got here a lot sooner. Let’s Go Brandon.

I was thinking about the change in MSM reporting about Gaza. It’s no longer wall-to-wall wailing about civilian casualties and IDF atrocities…

What got me thinking about it was the night of July 4th, and the constant neighborhood firecrackers into the wee hours of the morning. One night of noise annoyance for me. But it’s daily (nightly) for residents of Gaza and certain Ukrainian towns.

So are the bombs going off in Gaza? I guess so, since IDF is still making progress like this. And rightly so, as long as Hamas is still viable.

And what of any remaining hostages? (Are any alive?) It won’t be long before it’s a full year since they were taken captive.

It took my neighbors’ firecrackers to bring this back to the forefront for me. What of our media? Have they grown Gaza-weary?

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I love the media’s double standards about these things.

No one gave two ■■■■■ about the war in Sudan that’s killed three times as many civilians as the war in Gaza has.

Issue being that that’s just black people killing other black people. But let some brown people start killing each other and the media is on that like flies on ■■■■■


Here is my theory. Earlier in the war, there were Hamas terrorists around every corner. They were easy pickings, but unfortunately they were surrounded by human shields. Taking them out, despite IDF being very careful, resulted in large numbers of civilian casualties. Naturally pro-Hamas media was all over the misleading casualty figures.

The war is winding down. Hamas terrorists are becoming harder to find. What’s left has likely melted back into the civilian population. On those occasions when the IDF is able to find them, the resulting civilian casualties are nowhere near as high. The media has simply moved on.

or how about Syria right next door ?

Does anyone realize that the number of casualties in Syria since 2011 exceeds the overall number of casualties on both sides of Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the last 100 years (predating the creation of the state of Israel) ?


That’s just Muslims killing Muslims. No one, especially Muslims, gives a ■■■■■


There’s no “colonizer oppression” in that conflict, hence the disinterest. Most of the protesters are breathtakingly ignorant about the realities of Palestinian society.


Apparently, the IDF isn’t killing enough women and children anymore for the media to take notice.

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they figured out it was hurting biden


Good point.


Not bad.

Same theory I have with my vole hunting cat. Last year she killed 90 (verified kills) and this year she has only four so far. There just don’t seem to be many left to kill. :wink:

The Times has had nearly nonstop coverage of Sudan for years.

It’s not front page because it doesn’t sell and that’s on them

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It’s nice to see that everyone has left Israel the hell alone to eradicate Hamas from Gaza. No more talks of Netanyahu getting canned. The only complaint I’ve seen lately is the $200 million bridge for transporting Gaza aid being broken that we paid for. Damn shame that was.