Isn't sex trafficking just slavery? So, open borders is causing a return of slavery in America

Article on California , one of the worst places for (sex) slave trafficking in America, behind NY.

Apparently the road to hell is paved with liberal intentions…

“In comparison to state figures, Tulare County prosecutors filed eight human trafficking cases against 11 defendants in 2017, all were related to sex trafficking. In the same year, Family Services of Tulare County worked with 67 victims of human trafficking.”

They use the same routes a cheap labor traffickers… Dems don’t care. They encourage such human misery with sanc city laws and such…

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You mean…like taking children away and locking them in cages with no oversight of who is where NOR background checks on their guards and those kids very likely ending up in the sex trade pipeline.

Why are trump supporters so concerned about these illegal immigrants now? Aren’t they criminals to begin with?

Republicans ruining the good state of California…

Tulare is a strongly Republican county in Presidentialand congressional elections. The last Democratic candidate for President to win a majority in the county was Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Sure is alot of sex trafficking in that strongly republican county…

We dont have open borders and no one supports open borders. Its a fake controversy originated by the CEC to gin up the base and vilify democrats. Its obviously been successful as the true believers have taken it and run with it.


Especially since so much sex trafficking happens in republican strongholds…

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Maybe the Republicans in that county should start their own BuildTheWallAroundTulareGoFundMe. I’d contribute.

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It’s always about accusing the Other for what You do.

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See it time and time again with trump and his supporters…

33 American citizens were arrested for sex trafficking in the couple of weeks surrounding last week’s Super Bowl and nine minor girls rescued.

But California is a Liberal Democrat Utopia.

It’s not possible that human sex trafficking could be the worst there. :wink:

Democrats are not for open borders. That is a lie. Lie lie lie lie lie.


That’s caused by too many illegals attracted to the border and over whelming our resources because dems and rinos want open borders…

actions speak louder than words… Sanc city!

We should call it what it is… Sex slavery!..

We don’t have open borders and no one is advocating for open borders, except for those on the right who falsely accuse Democrats of being for this.

It’s a deflection that prevents these real issues from being addressed and resolved. The stupid wall is a distraction from real solutions to address the real issues.

State Police shouldn’t have to enforce Federal civil penalties. Actions speak louder than words? Checkout your cool hero’s staff at Mar-a-Lago. Or all of the women on tourist visas he illegally hired at his Modeling Agency.

I’m glad you guys suddenly got Jesus about sex slavery about 5 minutes ago, we’ll see how long that lasts. Probably for about as long as the fake-ass hair-on-fire caravan crisis.


Dems and Rinos DON’T want open borders.

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The wall worked great in San Diego, and any where they are put in traffic drops. According to the border patrol.

If current policy worked, why are caravans coming?