Isn't it false to say that the new tax laws will hurt most people is states like NJ?

Boy oh boy do I agree with that one.

I have come to realize that there is a large segment of the citizenry that wants all of the niceties that come with civilization but they don’t want to have to pay for it.

In the short term… no.

In the long term… you bet it will.

Are you heavily invested in gold?

All tax law is socialist, including taxes themselves.

I thought everyone here did that. I’ve been hearing that I should invest in gold for ages now from the talk radio man.

What state do you live in and what are your taxes? NJ residents pay heavily in taxes.

Cool! just makes my point stronger! Once people accept that socialism actually exists in American then maybe we can have an actual rational discussion on what kind and how much.

Real estate.

Because of the new tax law really really really rewards passive ownership of rental generating income and shifts more burden on to selling ones labor, I have in the past year become the proud owner of three separate LLC’s to take as much advantage of the tax law as possible.

Is it stupid? Yes.

And the vague rules that were pushed through without any hearings or details is going to be a real mess for a very long time.

I wish I could do that. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Probably would be impossible though given my income, even with a GI loan.

NYC with property in Maine.

So yeah… I pay taxes. My problem is that the taxes haven’t been allocated to infrastructure projects adequately for a very long time… so the city was falling apart before Sandy… Sandy really exposed just how bad the infrastructure has become.

We haven’t really invested in infrastructure like we could have. Think about what the government could have done with more tax revenue.

Or maybe they invade Iraq with it instead.

Too bad the Supreme Court decided to throw the election to the guy who had daddy issues.

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That has been the actual discussion for over 230 years and it will never be rational.

Except its not.

Would you agree that most people in NY and NJ are not going to be hurt by the new tax law?

The government had more tax revenue.

Yep… all of the problems with infrastructure or entitlements that we have have been coming for decades… and it isn’t like it was a big surprise that some things are falling apart.

We all saw it coming from miles away. It is just that it always becomes someone else’s problem.

Why didn’t you fix it?

You can’t seriously expect them to maintain infrastructure on a paltry six and a half trillion a year. (total tax revenue collected, federal, state and local)