Isn’t it amazing how Democrat politicians are never to blame for anything and not only that but are considered the answer to all our problems

Whenever I listen to liberals I can’t help but to get this feeling like American is virtually stuck in the 1950’s when it comes to race, in particularly the situation regarding law enforcement. Basically what I am hearing from the left is that this situation with cops has not changed. Consider the words of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

"Think about this: nothing has changed since what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop of Rodney King. That was 30 years ago. And still nothing has changed. White cops still can act with impunity and kill people that they feel like they want to kill.” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on racism in America: "Nothing has changed" in 30 years since Rodney King - CBS News

So here we have a problem that goes back decades, and what we are told is the answer is to fix this? Very simple to elect Democrats. The first major incident of my lifetime that I am able to recall was the one involving Rodney King in 1991, and Joe Biden had been in office for almost 20 years at that time. If Joe Biden is so amazing, then where was his great fix? What about Bill and Hillary? It’s been another thirty years, and since then there have been various other incidents and riots, most of which happen in the large inner cities in which Democrats have controlled for the past 40-50-60 years. What have they done? As far as many on the left believe we had the greatest president ever in Barak Obama for eight years and even more so by his side was the incredible Joe “ The Career Politician ” Biden! So why didn’t they fix this? In the past 30 years we have had many Democrats in all various positions of power at every level in particularly in these inner cities and what is the result? A bunch of very wealthy liberal politicians, but I digress.

I’ll say it again, according to those on the left the answer to solving our problems is voting Democrat. Well black Americans have done just that at tune of around 90% for quite some time. So what has been the result of Democrat leadership and policies for blacks in America for the past few decades?

-70% of children born out of marriage, the highest number of any other race.

-50% of violent crime is committed by blacks, by far the highest of any race

-High School dropout rates among the highest

-Amongst the lowest percentages by race to go into STEM professions (I don’t know the stats on this but it’s my impression that very few black men seek to work in the various good paying trade professions)

What about the gangs, drugs, and the overall general crime statistics? Unfortunately that in the year 2020 when it comes to negative social statistics black Americans are at or near the top and when it comes to positive social statistics black Americans are at or near the bottom. Nonetheless, electing Democrat politicians is the answer that will bring a utopia to the country one like we have never seen. Now it may take 1,000-2,000 years, but be patient and have solace that in the meantime those liberal politicians and their families and close pals will get very, very rich!

And what solutions have the Republicans put forward?

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Nice deflection.

Not really. You blame Democrats for not fixing anything. But we have another major party in this country that hasn’t done anything either.


Democrats bad. That is all.


I am not specifically saying that they are to blame. Also by what percent do black Americans vote Democrat?

In Minneapolis the Mayor is a Democrat, the Governor is a Democrat, and they have a black chief of police. Republicans are irrelevant to anything that has or will be done there.
Now, imagine they had a Republican mayor, a Republican Governor and a white chief of police. You really think Yahoo News and the NYTs and Joe Biden and other Democrat party representatives would be talking about this the same way?

What, nobody has ever blamed Democrats for a thing ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The Dems will use that mantra to infinity :roll_eyes: because they have no intention of fixing anything and they work very hard to make things worse with their open border illegal alien policies because they need to expand their dependent and angry voter base. They will destroy the country if Americans do not wake up when they go to the voting booth.

Amazing cognitive dissonance going on here. Black man killed by white cop, hired , trained and acting under the guidelines of democrats, obvious solution, elect democrats. Huh?

Did you actually read the OP? Do you know who the Democrat nominee for president is?

You are absolutely right, now when can we expect republicans to step in and start fixing thing?

There’s only one politician I know of that has raised not accepting the blame for anything to an art form.

Hmm…who might that be,

Actually President Trumps policies have done a lot for African Americans with “record breaking” statistics to back it up. That’s another reason Dems and establishment Republicans hate him so much because he did it within 3 years, while under constant attack from the deep state, that they couldn’t or wouldn’t do in over 5 decades.

And Democrats are using tyrannical covid lockdown policies and supporting the riots going on right now because these crises have undone everything Trump did and they are taking advantage of that while blaming him.

The Democrat Party has become seriously seditious and unable to reform themselves, they are delighted that 40 million have lost their jobs and anarchy is running wild on streets thoughout the country because it gives a BLAME GAME platform to run on.

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Not really.

Actually literally none of this is true.

Yes but we have 1 party that claims to speak for them…and offering promises that they don’t keep.

Are you advocating for black Americans to start voting Republican?

And the other major party now has someone he’s actually done more for them than anyone since Lincoln.

Your point?

Very wealthy as well.