Isn’t impossible to disprove essentially any 30 or 40 year old allegation?

I was thinking about this, if for some reason a girl from my high school (I gratuated in the 80’s) made a claim that I tried to rape her, how the heck could I disprove it? Honestly how would I or you or anyone disprove decades old claims? Because of this I don’t see why anyone who may be hell bent on lying should have any concern at all of facing legal action.

It would seem that such a tactic could easily be used against any man not just seeking political office but also high profile or high paying positions in the business world as well.

Curious on others thoughts.

While it is difficult to disprove it is also nearly impossible to prove.

The question becomes which party is more reliable and has a better story.

In a court of law you don’t have to disprove it. She would have to be able to prove it.

In the court of public opinion, you’re ■■■■■■.

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Kavenaugh isn’t under criminal investigation. This is a job interview.


True. But should an unsubstantiated accusation have any bearing on a job interview?

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Roger Ailes
Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Spacey
Louis C.K.
Al Franken
Charlie Rose
Matt Lauer
Roy Moore
Alex Kozinski
Steve Wynn
Bill O’Reilly

Multiple accusers over many years. Jobs lost, fines paid.

If you didn’t behave like they did, you won’t have a problem.


If I had multiple qualified candidates to choose from, I probably wouldn’t go with the one that had multiple women accusing them of engaging in sexual misconduct.


Is it possible to prove a rape that happened 2 weeks ago? Honest question…

Absolutely as long as there’s DNA evidence available.

Many sexual assaults are he said/she said cases no matter how long ago they allegedly occurred. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be investigated.

DNA evidence lasts for 2 weeks? What about 2 months?

Right that’s what I’m wondering. What’s the difference as far as evidence between 2 months and 200 months?

I’m not specifically speaking about Kavanaugh but any man for that matter. Your brother, friend, cousin, etc.

So all it takes is an accusation. No proof required.

Yea people can lie about people. Its one of those unfortunate things about you know, life.

Hair found weeks later in cars have been found. Regarding semen, skin, blood, I’m not sure. I occasionally watch the ID channel on cable and you would be amazed at how they can crack cases with DNA evidence.

Your first question did not stipulate that the investigation would start two weeks after the incident. You only asked if it could be proven two weeks later. So if the DNA evidence is collected within the required time, then yes it can be proven two weeks later.

I can’t imagine what type of physical evidence would be recovered after 30 or 40 years?

Forensic Files is a cool show for that stuff.

Aren’t references generally part of the job interview process?

So if someone in your prospective employee’s past said they were routinely abusing alcohol and forcing themselves on women, that wouldn’t influence your opinion at all?