Is Yelp cataloging a list of arson targets for ANTIFA?

Yelp will now flag businesses that have been accused of “overt” racism as a warning to users.

It looks like Antifa groups in Portland are already gearing up to target businesses with links to support police or criticism of BLM:

Is Yelp responsible when a business burns after being flagged with false or misleading reports about alleged racism?

Or are they simply providing useful information to customers?


Is Qanon responsible for the guy that walked into Commit with a rifle?

I’d rather focus on how ridiculous this new Yelp feature is. All it takes is one person to tag a business. And lord knows what it’s gonna take to get it removed.

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People need to CALM THE ■■■■ DOWN…



I wonder if being an overt racist business invalidates the insurance coverage of said business.

Another day, another conspiracy theory

Maybe the businesses should hire a bunch of armed guards…and sue the “heck” out of Yelp.

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I think if there’s one thing we can all agree on as a society, it’s that Yelp is awful.

This is just them attempting to gain back some market share because they’ve getting murdered the last couple years.


Andy ngo!

Yes, the Yelp feature is ripe for abuse. It could easily result in extortion and blackmail in my opinion.

Even without the Yelp flag, many businesses are so fearful of being labeled “racist” they are allowing mobs shoplifters to freely loot them. Here is a story from New York City:

Retail districts are likely to turn into ghost towns at this rate. Yelp’s new feature may accelerate the trend.

“Been accused…”

By any one person. Yeah, no room for abuse there…

Welcome to Yelp.

Never used Yelp. Never will.


Yelp is actual trash.


Red flag.

What’s the problem here?

If we want to get rid of public accommodation laws, this is the first step. That’s what cons want, right?

Like the Green Book


Yelp got flagged as well. Same with Planned Abortion.

I see you live in Tulsa, OK as well. Small world. :slight_smile: Welcome!

I’m not seeing the problem, either. Customers who feel unwelcome due to ethnicity & race post that on Yelp all the time.

I really wish there was something in Massachusetts like religious & personal exemptions to business transactions. Couldn’t say how many times I’ve felt jerked around here trying to do business or volunteering here.

In the absence of that, though, if it seems, let’s say, an Asian couple was left waiting an hour for a table at a restaurant while a white couple was seated the minute they walked in the door, I’m not seeing the problem with Yelp flagging such an incident—especially if it’s part of a pattern.

Potential customers should be able to see in advance where they may be treated as unwelcome guests so they can look for another merchant who will provide goods or services to them & leave the attitude at home.