Is we dumb? Yes

So: A&W introduced a 1/3 pound burger to compete with the quarter pounder. People liked it, but thought it was smaller than the quarter pounder, and didn’t buy it.

So now it’s back; as the 3/9 pounder.


I will take two. Please put extra bacon on them for my order.

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6/18 of a pound of burgers and a rootbeer float sure do sound good right now. :thinking:


they should have called it 1/pi brgr so people think theyre getting desert too


A whole burger is better than a fraction of a burger… whataburgers are better anyway

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5.3 oz < 4.0 oz?!


In which parts of the states are there A & W restaurants? I’m on the east coast & don’t recall seeing any.

Sounds like what one of the local guys told me about ordering 1/8 lb of deli meat, and the clerk replied she “wasn’t familiar with the new math” to know what that was.


Nobody’s asking for calculus here, but basic math. I’m not surprised, though, as many Americans don’t respect teachers, and some school administrators can be very vindictive when parents try to get involved with their children’s education.

It’s sad, really.

I thought 1st grade was where you learned that the more pieces you cut something into the smaller each piece had to be.

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McDonalds just comes out with a new 4/16 burger…and the mouth breathing public puts Micky Ds baco on top.

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