Is Trump Our Worst President Ever?

Of course, it’s hard to answer the topic question at this point due to Trump’s incomplete presidency, but I’m here to ask the hard questions.

In three days, I’ve seen two polls that rank Trump as the worst president of all time.

Here’s one:

I don’t follow history very much, because I’m an ignoramus, but I can’t help but wonder if this poll is the result of a bunch of liberal historians with TDS.

Is Trump really worse than Harding, Johnson, Buchanan, Pierce, and Harrison?

Let the educated speak!

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Yes…case closed

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The answer is obvious.

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Buchanan was worse. Trump numero 2


until we are actually in a shooting civil war, he wont be worse the Buchanan. but he is really working hard to that that spot. as of now hes only second worst

Worst president ever

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My substantive counterargument: Teapot Dome was worse than anything that Trump has done.



He’s about to put the NRA out of business, so I put him at #2.


I wonder if Buchanan had defenders on Internet forums back in the day, too.


It’s really hard to compare because we just don’t have the same insight into most former Presidents as we do Trump. With him, every flaw is laid bare for the world to see. While I am sure we have had presidents who were bad on many levels or made poor choices, it’s really hard to imagine who combine all of man’s worst qualities quite like Trump does.

It’s also hard to overstate that Trump is this chaotic and horrible in a time of relative stability. The economy has been okay. We aren’t in some massive war overseas. In the grand scheme of things it’s been fairly chill. Can you imagine him dealing with anything resembling a true crisis?


well they had congressman Brooks for that

I’m curious where Trump supporters rank Trump.

Upper half? Top ten? Numero uno?

Surely, Trump is not as good as Lincoln.

Not until he removes Habeus Corpus. Trump…always second best

Most likely.

He will be the bigliest worstest President for all of eternity.

Does anyone else think that a Trump presidency makes a Kanye presidency inevitable–or is that just me?

I can’t find a logical connection, and yet the above statement feels true.

In other words, if Trump is the worst, then I don’t think that he will remain the worst for long.

Absolute worst in my lifetime, no doubt about that, as fas as “in for ever” I am thinking that yes, he is the all time worst.

-He hasn’t gotten into a needless war(yet)

-He will get us into a recession, but not the worst since the Great Depression

-Most likely the stupidest president in a long while but not as bad a W. Bush.

  • Just a reflection in the downward spiral of the conservative mind frame, although, as usual, they will claim he’s not a conservative despite them voting for him.

He might be the most incompentent ever, but so far he has not started a pointless war that has resulted in the deaths of 100’s of thousands of people and wasted trillions of dollars, so I’ve got to give GWB the edge.