Is Trump More Corrupt Than Hillary?

cancel the arms deal.

all out of yemen.

That’s what we should do.

IYou could even say we will pick the deal up and get back into yemen as soon as SA takes the killer out of the line of succession.

Do we sell them weapons? are we helping them in a war?

Is there no cross you won’t hang on for Trump?

No. But it is in our best interest to arm Saudi Arabia. If not, they would be at the mercy of Iran. The middle east would be at risk of total war. Possibly erupting into a world war. We have had a few politicians show outrage over the murder. And they should. But what we have not seen (at least not to my knowledge) is any political leader offering a response to it. Why not?

Plenty of politicians have called to stop the arms dea.

re: Iran…so you want to arm a murderous regime to help you with a murderous regime? We’ve tried this - it never ends the way we want it to end.

We can start by declaring that it is the United States position that the prince was involved with the killings, and declaring it as a human rights abuse. Then we can talk with our allies and other world leaders to develop and appropriate response - perhaps some sanctions or something. But hey, if you want to ignore human rights abuses because you want cheap oil, and defend the President covering for a murderer be my guest.

We have to call it what it is to do anything. Trump is too scared to even put his pants on. This is the STRENGTH you guys so desperately wanted? Not being able to even call out world leaders that murder journalists because you’re afraid?

Look at the e-mails.

The years long “scandal” for Hillary was an afternoon news blip for the Trump administration. If nothing else, that should tell you about the level of corruption with these people, the unapologetic incompetence, as well as the inability of the media to put things in proper context.

No, not me. Every president in modern history including Obama and Clinton. I think it’s mainly because Iran shouts "death to America and Saudi does not.

So then sounds like you support us cancelling the arms deal and pulling out of yemen. Good. I agree. Though I admit it is complicated and will have to be done with tact. We’ve been in bed with SA for a long time. But I want it to end.

Never assume. It’s a really bad habit. But lucky for you, I’m right here. You are free to ask. :sunglasses:

I did.

You said ‘not me’.

So which is it - you for cancelling the arms deal? Pulling out of Yemen?

Trump is absolutely more corrupt than Bill or Hillary Clinton.

Having business dealings with Russia is legal and not corrupt. Cohen may have plead guilty to lying to Congress over the timing of these, Trump has been charged with nothing.
The whole Mueller probe and investigation of the Trump campaign may yet turn out to be corrupt, but there has been no report from them about Trump corruption.
Being subpoenaed is corrupt? Oh yeah, the whole “frog marching Rove to prison” thing. How’s that going?

There is no doubt that Trump is more corrupt that Hillary.