Is Trump More Corrupt Than Hillary?

Given him covering up the murder of khashoggi, the Mueller probe, his business dealings in Moscow and with the Kremlin (which he admitted), and now all of the subpoenas to the Trump org for illegally profiting off his presidency, can we say Trump is more corrupt than Hillary?

Remember when conservatives cried wolf about a presidential nominee being investigated by the FBI?

10 no surprises

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As with most things, “It depends on who you ask.” You could argue that Clinton is a corrupt politician, or at least, she’s so deep into the political system that it’s impossible not to be corrupt on some level. You could then argue that Trump is a corrupt business man, with a history of bad deals, lying, cheating … the list goes on.

Now to a Trump supporter, they’d rather have a corrupt business man than a corrupt politician. That’s why he won the election.

But to answer your question, yes, he’s way, way more corrupt than Hillary. She’s just kind of slimy, while Trump is a straight up conman.

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Yes, Trump is more corrupt and more of a criminal. No questions.

He has no ability to cover up the murder. He was not involved.

Do you know what “cover up” means?

I know trump is distorting facts of the murder to protect the prince. Funny that you and others defend him doing that

He is giving cover to the prince. But if you guys want to play silly semantic games to defend trump covering for a murderer ok then


All he did was offer his opinion. Was is based on politics rather than facts? Of course it was. He cannot engage in a cover up. But this is a tough one. I’m not sure what to do. Do we risk wrecking our own economy and alienating one of the few middle eastern countries not dedicated to our destruction? Most of the Islamic world kills political dissidents. As does Russia, China and large portions of Asia. So what do we do? Most of the world does not respect human rights.

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So you admit he distorted facts to cover for a murderer, in the interest of politics. And you’re defending it lol

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Oh I’m sure you take a soft soft line on Iran dont you

Theres a difference in not taking action and denying that somebody did something

Get out of LOL mode for just a second and address what I said. How do we handle this without making a giant mess? And What about all of the other counties who we know do the same thing? The only difference was that the Saudis were sloppy and got caught.

We call countries out all the time for human rights abuses, even if we trade with them. Trump on the other hand doesnt have the courage to call out thebprince, and instead literally pretends like it doesnt happen. So much for STRENGTH. Glad to see you think China, Russia and Saudi Arabia will “crash our economy” if we stand for human rights. Pathetic. Trumpists have sold out all of their principles

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The problem is that Washington is inherently corrupt. People on both sides used the term “corporatism” to describe Washington’s relationship with big business and Wall Street. Most of the country views Washington as corrupt as well, which is admittedly one of the reason’s Trump won. Here is one thing I’ll say I think people view Trump as more honest than say Hillary. Hillary will, like many politicians, tell us what we want to hear whether she believes it or not where Trump just says whatever the ■■■■ is on his mind and doesn’t give a ■■■■ what people think. Just my 2 cents.

So what would be your response?

Yes… next

So really we do nothing other than call them out? I get it. It’s a tough balance. We can’t force our values on the world.

Very good point.

can you name another country who we sell arms to that murdered an american based journalist?