Is trump doing PR for a hate group?

I wonder why fat donald did not call the Proud Boys an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.”

I’m no fan of antifa, but when Proud Boys & antifa are holding counter-rallies and fat donald calls out only antifa, that’s just straight up taking sides with violence-promoting neo-fascists/white nationalists.

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What’s wrong with being proud about supporting Trump?

FYI, Proud Boys have a planned rally today in Portland.

I’m not surprised Donald Trump likes the Proud Boys. They like him, so why wouldn’t he like them?

Don’t worry, Trumps Patriots will put a boot in their back side if they get out of hand.

“Trumps Patriots”. Is that like a civilian security force?

Things like that statement worry me. Boots in Backside?

Who are these trump patriots?

They’re not fat, I’ll tell you that.

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The divers

Trump and patriots should not be used together, ever.
Patriots? :sweat_smile: :joy::rofl:

Yeah okay.

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You just described Obamas :joy:.

Attitudes like that is probably why we have a crime problem.

The dead ones are in Arlington the rest hard at work fighting Deepstate traitors.

If attacking antifa but not attacking white nationalist hate groups is PR for the hate group, does than mean that attacking white nationalist groups without mentioning antifa if PR for antifa?

What makes you say that? Who’s boots in who’s backside?..

Has this happened?

Do you personally think it’s okay for Trump to not disown and reject white nationalist hate groups?

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Good guys with boots stopping bad guys. Simple

My question to you is…who are these good guys…and who are these bad guys?

The Good guy’s are those divers American Patriots that everyone loves, the bad guys are those who are against our divers American Patriots that everyone loves.