Is Trump A Protected Individual?

Just looking for some clarity on TDS. If Trump were to retweet say, a call to arms for a COVID-19 revolt, would we not be allowed to discuss that, because it was “only a retweet”? I think a thread clarifying TDS is needed, with some actual discussion, because it seems that Trump is treated as a protected individual sometimes.


What exactly is a retweet when there is no comment alongside it? You are posting something on your account for others to see, if they know you, maybe they’ll think you are poking fun at it. Or maybe they’ll think you are posting things you agree with. A retweet is not “nothing” though.



Honest suggestion…if the purpose is to keep the board from getting “swarmed” with small critique threads of Trump, ok I get that. But why not just keep the TDS thread unlocked so it’s all packaged as is, but still allows those things to be discussed? It’s a win win.


If Trump is protected, then I will continue to disrespect that donkey’s backside just because…

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Obviously Trump has protected status here as evidenced by the sheer volume of lib started “I Hate Trump” threads,

Yeah he’s protected. Call CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, The Huffpo,The Slate, The WaPO, The NYT, everyone in Hollywood, the late night comics, SNL, The FBI etc,etc, etc, and congratulate them on what a great job they have done protecting Trump. They will appreciate it.


I don’t see a single “I Hate Trump” thread right now. Which one are you referring to? There’s more Biden threads than Trump threads

They don’t post here

Check the TDS thread, that where most of the anti-Trump threads wind up.

Exactly. They get locked. That’s the whole point of me asking if he’s “protected”. Glad you’re catching on


Oh. So the question is: Does a site owned by the most prominent conservative on the most popular network prefer Trump? Hmmm.I wonder. :us:

I vote for letting them rage in the derangement thread. :raised_hand:


No. The question is, is Trump protected and can we at least keep the TDS thread unlocked. The OP is quite clear

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Why not. It might even be fun. End the clutter keep the discussion. A good middle ground

As long as it remains named the way it is, I agree. lol

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They don’t get locked because it’s Trump. They get locked because the poster isn’t looking to discuss anything, just looking to start a “gotcha” thread, aka trolling.

The exact same kinds of threads exist for Biden. Plus, as I mentioned in the OP, I was looking for clarity on retweets.

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So you are worried that not enough Trump bashing is allowed here? Isn’t every single topic about Trump? Am I missing something?

No. I was quite clear in my OP. I was asking why Trumps retweets aren’t warranted for discussion and, if they are at least not warranted a thread, can we merge them into an unlocked TDS thread so that we can at least continue the discussion without messying up the board woth a bunch of threads

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I would prefer memes and cartoons over criticism of Trump, any day, and 37 times on days I have nothing better to do. I say we keep it as-is, like k.