Is This What Those of You Who Favor a Shutdown Want?


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Go ahead and protest, just don’t bitch when you get sick.

or protests. :wink:


Yea how could group’s of people closely packed together possibly be an increased risk? :thinking:

I guess I need to use crayons next time.

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Do tell :roll_eyes:

Yes I do tell, it’s not that hard.

I sure wish I could be in one of those states where protests are taking place.

Or organize one here.

Tired of seeing small business owners in particular getting a raw deal.

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So what’s stopping you?

So tell us.

What is it every human being needs and doesn’t need?

Gonna have to do some research on this one to see how Egypt in particular is handling the pandemic and restrictions on their populations.

Gotta be a little tricky as the Egyptian form of the Arabic language uses the same verb for want and need. There language doesn’t differentiate between the two.

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Media hoax or global conspiracy to keep Trump from being re-elected. Take your pick.

Well there’s a difference between wants and needs.

I have to disagree with you on this one.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the Executive Order calling for jail and fines for people who violated his lockdown rules.
The two women in the OP article plus Shelley Luther did exactly that.

Abbot then feigned outrage that “women” violating the order would actually be jailed. He then alluded to the fact that criminals were being released from jail because of the danger of COVID19 infection. He knew that when he signed the order calling for jail.

Abbott is a fraud and a gross hypocrite.

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We won’t even notice… asymptomatic super majority.

In a filthy underground subway.

Media over reaction.

Inability to count and ascribe nursing home fatalities properly.

Opportunity to damage Trump with his own super power…the economy… priceless.

Best part…It won’t work for D.

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Good Point. He amended it. Never should have made it an option.

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He amended it because he was feeling political heat. It wasn’t ages ago that he had signed it into law. It was about a month ago.

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Got a link to back up that unsupported assertion?

There are hundreds out there.

Start with Pennsylvania morticians dispute…