Is This What Those of You Who Favor a Shutdown Want?

Really?! A mugshot for giving beauty treatments at home?

God bless Shelly Luther. Any judge who locks someone up for legitimately feeding his or her kids should be removed from the bench.

Even Greg Abbott doesn’t want these individuals incarcerated. Is there some sort of 180 degree turn?! This is the sort of nonsense I expect in Massachusetts—not Texas!

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Statists and their favorite flavored boots.



I hope that undercover cop who contacted the young lady to have an eyelash treatment and ended up arresting her just for agreeing to the appointment has every eyelash fall out, her roots grow twice as fast and wrinkles pop up on her face.

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What is amazing to me is criminals are being released. Yet, people who need to put food on their tables are being jailed.

Kind of upside down and backwards, isn’t it?

I don’t think these stay at home orders are going last much longer.

I know here in Florida, the unemployment website has crashed and burned. People have to go to work. Given the evidence we currently have this is no worse than the seasonal flu.

Quite frankly, I don’t blame anyone for reopening their business.

Edit to add:
Anyone who thinks government rather than self sufficiency is the answer? Given what we see going on?

Starve your family and your kids while waiting for that check or get out and make it happen on your own…


I have to say eyelash treatment isn’t all that essential.

However, who am I to determine what is or what is not essential to a person? :woman_shrugging:

Maybe she should have robbed a Walmart. She probably would have been let go.

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IMO it was the epitome of stupidity to undercover ‘sting’ these young women using an eyelash appointment. I really hope that particular officer meets karma soon.

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Or lied to the FBI…:grin::grin:

Karma…funny that I was just talking to my brother about that. It always has funny way of coming back and biting one on the ass.

It’s why I never wish ill on anther person. Never.


Or hey. Convicted by a jury of a felony and let go :woman_shrugging:

Everything is so upside down in some places right now. If people don’t wake up, I don’t even know what to think of them. The term “sheeple” has much more relevance to me now than it did before.

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Okay. We will conduct our own undercover sting operation on that particular officer :wink:

We will dump out half of the shampoo and replace it with Nair. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:


IMO, Karma is very real.

Just like gravity. What goes up must come down.

I’ve seen Karma work for those who have hurt others and it is NOT pretty. Then again, I’ve seen it work for those who have helped others and it is amazing in the beauty of how it eventually falls together.


People just need to defy these rules and get back to business.

I am seeing it here. Beaver county Pennsylvania.


This is going way too far.

It antithetical to proper republican thought and values. People can take their own risks if they wish. And their home is their castle. The state has no authority to perform such raids.


Its not that hard.

Being authoritarian isn’t hard at all because it requires no real thought, just blind obedience.


The days for this Covid crap are numbered. The people are losing patience.


…and the authoritarians don’t like it.


They don’t. They don’t like it when 2000 people show up at the capital to protest. They will like it even less when it’s 100,000.


Heck, they don’t like it when ONE person shows up on a deserted beach.

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