Is this what they are charging Trump with?

Not time. EONS. The pacific tectonic plate is moving faster. Wake me when Bobby is finally ready to offer all of his “evidence.” I hope Bobby wraps it up before he croaks.

Make your mind up. Either this investigation needs to be airtight (which takes time) or sloppy (and quick).

You know we all remember you being totally down with the Benghazi investigations for four solid years and you were still cool with them continuing if Hillary won, right?


My mind is made up. I want it done before the next ice age.

Jim Acosta never being called on again :heart: this post about predictions.


You were down with Benghazi as well. When four American diplomats are killed, all Americans including you, know it must be investigated. Hillary was not accused of a crime. She was accused of poor judgement, lying, and a cover up. All which were proved to be true. It probably cost her the election. So Benghazi was worth it.

After 2 years, we still don’t even know what crime the president is being accused of. That would be a good place to start. Doncha think?

Mulitple threads today in the “what crime is being investigated?” vein.

I’m guessing that’s what the little man in the radio box is blathering on about.

Well you do understand that all of this could be avoided if they simply tell us what crime he is being investigated for. Am I right? I’m not in may car which is the only time I listen to radio. And I definitely do not consider Sean to be “the little man in the radio.”

Actually there are several threads on this very subject by people who aren’t waiting to see what Mueller’s report says.

Well, one could start reading the many, many indictments for a first step, of the crimes actually being charged so far. And the many plea agreements. Probably even start with Rosenstein’s letter commissioning the Special Counsel.

Lot’s of crimes have already been charged in a court of law and lots of crimes have been pleaded guilty to and many other crimes have gone uncharged or unpenalized because of plea arrangements and guilty pleas.

But, to entertain your question on a fundamental level, do you oppose police investigating missing persons reports? There’s no evidence of crime there.

It was revealed in the FISA Warrant Application that has been reviewed by members of both party’s in Congress. Why should the public be privy to it? We don’t reveal the contents of other FISA applications, so what makes this one and Carter Page so different and requiring a different set of rules?

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How very patriotic of you. :roll_eyes:

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The OP comically does not understand what is happening. Or at minimum is pretending that he does not.


I’m waiting.
And waiting
And waiting.

Right now this is the shortest special council investigation in us history…

The Clinton investigation lasted 5 times as long…

I wonder why trumplovers are so worried…

Cuz we are worry warts. :hot_face:

I don’t think Mueller ever suggested that was a crime. What is interesting is that he took a statement by Cohen to Congress that the deal did not continue beyond January 2016 when it actually continued as far as June and this became a crime for Cohen to lie to. Compare that to the lie that Clapper told to Congress that the government was not collecting data on Americans when in fact it was. The common defense used in this board was that people are never prosecuted for lying to Congress.
While Cohen’s lie may be a crime, there is no suggestion that continuing the deal as a private citizen running for office was a crime. However, it did get Mueller a chance to work Trump’s name into this, and a chance for people to accuse him of lying in the campaign about dealing with Russia. That indicates, IMO, that Mueller is through investigating to see whether there is collusion and is now into getting Trump…at any cost over anything.
That is pretty much the basis for Dershowitz’s claim that the report will be damaging to Trump politically (but not criminally)

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“talk radio assertions”. LOL. You are very kind.

Gee, so rules for you and rules for everybody else, huh? Convenient.

What rule are you speaking of?