Is this what they are charging Trump with?

No mistake. It predates Mueller. Since July 2016, the FBI has been investigating the Russian government’s attempt to influence the presidential election. Including whether President Trump’s campaign were involved.


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Your own post justifies any investigation into the matter

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Sorry Jack, the special counsel (Mueller) investigation started May 17th, 2017. Deal with it.

There have been something like 36 indictments, a dozen guilty please, a trial that ended in a guilty conviction.

So, we know a lot. Just not everything yet.

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Investigate away. Maybe before the second coming of Christ they will end it. Do you think that the justification for the FISA warrant should be revealed?

Another fact: Investigations don’t have time limits.

Unfortunately, the only ones charged with election tampering are Russians. And they will never be prosecuted. The few Americans involved were charged with ten year old financial deals or perjury un related to election tampering. This is exactly why I expect to see Mueller’s theory rather than Mueller’s evidence. I hope we see it before the ice caps melt.

I know right? Over two years isn’t long enough. I hope ten years is long enough. C’mon Bobby, out with it. And before the end of the decade please?

Why are you acting like it’s not normal for presidential investigations to be long drawn out affairs and ignoring that this one is still much shorter than those of the past no matter what date you use as the start

Do Rush and the guys, who talked about locking Hillary up for decades, now complain about how long this investigation is?

Yep, the same guys.

I know. That’s the nature of government. Saying that they are working at a snails pace would be an insult to snails. But Jeez. 36 indictments and none of them were named Donald Trump. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Do you?

What is the point of this thread?

You are making a bunch of talk radio assertions that are simply not provable at this point.

Flynn plead guilty to lying about his contacts with the russian ambassador. We don’t know know if that lie was made because Flynn was trying to hide his, or the campaigns involvement with russian tampering or not. But to say his crimes are completely unrealated to collusion and tampering is just a guess at this point.

Similarly, Cohen plead to lying to congress about his negotiations with Russians. We don’t know if that is part of a larger scheme with them or not.

Same with Papa.

Manafort was found guilty of old crimes - does that take you sad like it does the president? - but the investigation that found those crimes - we don’t know what is going on there yet.

So, you are wrong to assert the known crimes and convictions have nothing to do with russia or collusion.

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Sorry, that was his best.

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You do realize that is how investigations work right? That they don’t bring charges against the real targets until the very end. It’s really not that complicated to see they are building a case

Looking for input. Does anybody have any thoughts as to what if anything Trump will be charged with? When they expect it to happen? Is the crime the real estate talks? Or is it more than that? If so what? Basically all of the news networks speculate. So I’m just asking for yours. Have fun with it. Time is short. It may only last another few years or so.

I hope this helps.

I would argue that, since this is the president of the United States, the investigator has to be perfect as well.

I would agree. And using that logic, the results need to be perfect. No margin for error, no speculation, no theories. And for God’s sake, no assumptions of motivations. The evidence needs to be rock solid that a crime was committed. Since this is the President. We shall see what Bobby brings forth. I’m not expecting this standard to be met. But I could be wrong. We will find out if the investigation ever ends.

Which is why it takes time.