Is this what the Green new deal will mean for us?

Sounds like a green raw deal to me. It’s getting more expensive to charge an electric car in Norway, than it is to fill a car with gas. Isn’t renewable energy supposed to be cheaper? And Germany isn’t too far behind either with some of the most expensive energy in the world. The rich don’t care, they can certainly afford higher rates. Why do we always have to attack the poor and middle class in the name of global warming?


And then you have left that wants to destroy oil and gas industry to make it even more expensive for working people. I guess libs think we’re lucky to live in there society all all.


If Bernie wins they won’t need to pass a new green deal. He is preparing to issue an executive order declaring climate change to be a national emergency. That will give him unprecedented control over virtually every aspect of the economy and our lives.

The list of potential executive orders includes unilaterally allowing the United States to import prescription drugs from Canada, directing the Justice Department to legalize marijuana, and declaring climate change a national emergency while banning the exportation of crude oil.

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That’s why I want him to get the nomination. He will be destroyed in the general.

You have more faith in the electorate than I. There is apparently a large segment of the population that wish to become subjects instead of citizens.


Maybe. But most of them don’t vote.

Bernie is going to be upping the pay scale on that activity for them. If you have a student debt loan totaling tens of thousands of dollars, you think you might turn out for the candidate promising to cancel it? Pretty good pay for an hours work.

Funny, five years ago the idea that Donald Trump could become president was a punch line. Bernie could absolutely win.

And it could very well be the last real election we have if he does.

Who would you prefer to Bernie?

for once youre right (enjoy it). the left is frantically motivated by bubbling lava hate to get rid of trump. that might just be enough to get them out of mommy’s basement to the polls. in the buses

How so?

Yeah, the left is fired up. That’s why I’m pulling for Klobuchar. I have no faith in President Sanders or President Bloomberg.

Point taken. I wouldn’t put it past any current democratic candidate,

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Ok, here is what you do. Make a list of every aspect of our lives that could be said to impact the climate. Then go look up what emergency powers the President would have over the things on that list. And figure it out. It effectively makes him a dictator and in my experience they tend to be reluctant to leave when their term is up.


The left has been calling Trump a dictator for using emergency powers about a very narrow subject, the wall. Sanders is preparing to issue one that covers virtually everything.

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Hitler. Satan. Carrot Top.

I don’t see President Sanders as more likely to cancel elections than President Trump. (Not less likely either.)

President Trump hasn’t mentioned declaring a national emergency covering virtually aspect of our lives.

Has Sanders repeatedly stated publicly that our elections are fraudulent and millions of people vote illegally with no evidence to back it up?