Is this Treason?

The time printed this article about the efforts to be more aggressive to Russia about this.

The current occupant posted this tantrum in response:

The times responded:

They claim the NSC was OK with running the story.

What the hell? Could it be that he wasn’t briefed because they were afraid he would call it off because of his buddy Putin? The story points out the possibility.

Did you really believe the Times made it up out of whole cloth? If so, shouldn’t there the be massive denials by the Pentagon?

That’s the bonkers thing about this story.

That they felt the need to keep the President in the dark about the operation.

I know…I would think this would be a yuge story in normal times.

The Treasonous New York Times is doing it again! Putting out this Fake News is dangerous to National Security. I’m not saying that those responsible should be sentenced to Death, but that is what the law says the punishment for Treason is. This is the biggest scandal in American History. My prediction is that the New York Times is shut down by J4.


I am not sure what disturbs me more, that there are those operating something like this without the full knowledge of the President or that we have a President that can’t be trusted with the information.

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If true, those Deep State actors are probably guilty of Treason too.

There are many angles to this story…

Either Trump isn’t knowledgeable about US Cyber operations in Russia… or he knows and is afraid of Putin knowing, when his own NSC doesn’t seem to care.

Also what purpose does it serve for him to go to twitter to deny this? Who is he trying to signal to? If it’s his base… then he is showing that he believes his base doesn’t want him to dislike Russia.

If it is Russia… then damn!

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The whole thing is crazy.

Just wait for the typical Group Think explanation for this:

“He’s just bad with phraseology.” LOL.


Trump’s relationship with Russia is so ■■■■■■■ strange.

How are you coming to this conclusion?

The straightforward conclusion is that he’s telling his base “Look! The NYT is so out to get me, they’re even revealing top secret operations against Russia in an effort to make me look bad!”

When trying to decipher what Trump is doing, some of you have a really difficult time holding back YOUR OWN beliefs about Trump.

You need to stop doing that if you want to understand him a little better.


But they must not be that secret… the NSC confirmed it.

Even if they were secret… then the President taking to Twitter to deny it seem suspicious as well. Just don’t say anything.

Dammit sarcasm :joy:

This just his ego.

And is he denying the cyberattacks, or is he denying that he’s been kept in the dark on them?

I think that JayJay has a good point.

Trump is betting on the fact that the people who support him won’t read the article in question and get that key piece of information or that they just won’t care.

How many people comment on the Mueller report without ever having read it?

Hmmm. Interesting.

But why would Cyber operations against Russia make him look bad? Wouldn’t it make him look strong and tough on Russia?

The part that makes him look bad is that security personnel think he would blab so they have to keep him in the dark.

And maybe the point of his tweet is to further erode what little faith any of his core followers have left in the NYT and that’s it.

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The NYT is not the only target. Trump is also indirectly targeting the intelligence community.

The kremlin would have had a hard time writing a better tweet than this.

If indeed they kept him in the dark then yes members of the intelligence community will soon feel his wrath.

But likely not because he’s a Kremlin stooge…just because they pissed him off.

The Kremlin may benefit…but that’s just a fortuitous win for them.

A fringe benefit of Trump wearing his feelings on his sleeve.

Maybe I missed it… but I didn’t see anything in the article that claimed that Trump didn’t know about the operation.

The only reason that questions exists now is because of Trumps Twitter fingers.