Is this the type of call better suited for a social worker instead of a cop?

From my impression of some of the defund the police discussions this seems to a situation better suited for a social worker or the new type of peace officer people are talking about.

Worst case scenario, sending social workers would have had the exact same result as sending cops did.

The only difference would be the job titles of the deceased.

Again people are not asking for social workers to de sent on all 9/11 calls.

the calls that SHOULD have social workers are welfare check in which they are being sent to check on the mental health of a person.

Some have argued that domestic dispute cases are better handled by social workers.

And if it had been handled by social workers, would things have worked out differently?

Many have been saying that we have to reimagine what “policing” should be. With that in mind we don’t know if we don’t try.

So, let’s play this out.

Let’s imagine an alternate history, in which social workers were sent to respond to this call.

As Aslan once said - we can never know what would have happened.

But in the worst-case scenario, it works out exactly the way it did in reality.

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As calls for “defund the police”, the media portraying BLM violent protests in a positive light, no prosecution of looters and arsonists…the brazeness “we” witness around the nation, will get even worse.