Is this the REAL threat to free speech?

We are all aware of the left’s obsession with shutting down all non conformists thinking on campus. Using violence, threats and intimidation if necessity. This could even be worse. Google and YouTube have taken down over 300 Trump ads with no explanations offered. Is this a government action? No it isn’t. But the government is not the master of the universe when it comes to speech anymore. It’s the communication giants. They alone decide what you get too see. And if doesn’t pass the political test of the tech Gods, there is a good chance that the fascist masters will not allow it to be shown. This is some seriously evil ■■■■ going on.

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Yeah, that free market and decisions on how private entities decide to portray their business is a bitch, isn’t it?


They don’t have to explain squat to you just like Facebook doesn’t have to explain squat to me regarding their trump ad campaigns.

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You debunked your own thread before you even finished typing it, and you STILL hit the post button? Strange.


There are many threats to free speech. Republicans should start Conservative Google and Right-Wing Twitter and stop complaining about private businesses operating as they see fit.


You do realize the only reason you know to bitch about this is because the “Tech Gods” allowed CBS…and Breitbart…to report on it…and then social media platforms allowed conservative commentators to talk about it on their social media platforms?


I thought 60 minutes was part of the the liberal lame stream media.


60 minutes had a beautiful story on Golden Eagles and how they are used for hunting, somewhere in the far east. What amazing animals they are.

Poor Trump.

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Wait. A leftist thinks I’m strange? Thank you!!!:cowboy_hat_face:

This should be amusing.

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And you thought right.

I anticipated this question so I have a prepared reply. Yes, CBS is anti Trump. They have proved this over the past 3 years. The correspondent here is Leslie Stahl. Who has been around for a long time and probably cannot be intimidated. If some young editor told her she could not ask this question, she would probably tell him to go pound sand. I believe that the last reporter who questioned CBS is now a FOX contributor. They are not going to fire Leslie Stahl.

Betteridge’s law of headlines.

Exactly. They don’t have to do the right thing. They are free to suppress opposing points of view. And I am free to call them out on their cowardice. Bloomberg news announced that they would no longer be covering stories of democratic corruption (not that they ever did) they will focus only on republican corruption. At least they admit that they are working for the dems. Google doesn’t even have the decency to do that.

Address the post, not the poster. Why deflect talking about me?

I addressed your post. I don’t think you are strange. I think it’s strange to post a thread that debunks itself.

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Thanks for the clarification. You rock! But there ain’t been no debunking. :sunglasses:
All I did was post a link.

@altair1013 Serious question. Do you know how you would go about proving social media and other sites are systematically discriminating against Donald Trump or conservative viewpoints?

I’m going to guess you don’t because this thread proves you don’t know how to do it.

But maybe you’ll surprise me?

Hint- citing anecdotal examples isn’t the way to prove systematic discrimination.

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It’s OK (this time) because libs have an irrational hatred Trump (because they were told to). :wink:


Hint- I don’t take hints.

Nice try. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You should take hints, especially when they’re offered to help solve an intractable problem.

I’m not dismissing out of hand the possibility of systematic discrimination.

Only that you are not showing you know how to prove it…even though I’m certain it’s emotionally satisfying to you.

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Thanks for the advice.

Hint- I don’t take advice either. But the good news is. Rather than discussing all of my perceived mistakes, you are free to discuss the topic. How cool is that! :sunglasses: