Is this the most despicable thing Biden has done?

Claiming TOTAL credit for the Covid vaccines?

To me it’s like this:

A baseball pitcher with a ten run lead comes out of the game with two outs in the 9th. He get’s the last out, then claims the game was won because of him. He refuses to acknowledge that anyone else other than himself was even in the game. It was all him and only him.

That’s Joe. Desperately trying to steal credit for someone else’s idea, someone else’s plan and someone else’s work. We know these scumbags. We see them at work from time to time. Nobody likes them. They are horrible human beings. As is Biden. Truly pathetic stuff.


Causing child sex slavery with open borders is the worst in my mind. Of course Biden has no clue what’s going on, so It’s just “the Admin”

Sock Puppet Joe…


…but, but…if Joe believes it, is it a lie? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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If the trained monkeys at CNN believe it is the truth, is it still a lie?

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No. Demonizing all law enforcement as white supremacists was worse.

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I am with you on this one.

Any reasonable human would have waited for the Covid to end first.

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Covid may never end. The flu didn’t.


I was thinking the crisis phase.

You are right…It will live on in some form.

Any link to support this outrageous claim?

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You won’t believe any link he posts anyway.


Glad you asked. Here’s one. Do you need more?

Do you have any links where Biden acknowledges the contribution of the Trump administration?

Biden takes full credit for vaccine work started before he took office (

I do!


"I think the administration deserves some credit getting this off the ground with Operation Warp Speed,

Some credit? Gee, how generous. He was not president yet. He seems to have changed his tune since becoming President. Since then, he’s been claiming it’s all him.

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:smile: :man_shrugging: You asked for acknowledgement of Trump’s contribution, not effusive praise.


Biden didn’t say such thing. I read the article. In no where did biden say, “I alone did this” or “I alone get full credit”. That’s non sense.


“Now, because all the work we’ve done, we’ll have enough vaccine supply for all adults in America by the end of May”

Did I miss an "I’ in that statement somewhere?

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He wasn’t part of “we”.


Really…he did nothing to aid in availability?

“While Trump made a high-stakes gamble that led to record-breaking vaccine development before Inauguration Day, the Biden administration formalized a national strategy that helped the nation’s patchwork of health systems execute a vaccination rate of more than 3 million shots a day.”

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Trump gets credit for greasing the wheels and getting the vaccine developed quickly, but Biden gets credit for getting shots in arms quickly.

What did he do?