Is This the End of "No Collusion"


So Trump has already been tried and convicted?


You said alleged.

It’s not alleged but a stone cold fact.

He did share trump campaign data with a Russian spy while under the employ of one said presidential candidate.

That’s not fake news. but a fact.



And then when the ■■■■ really hits the fan, many of the defenders will simply disappear from the forum forever.

If you made the mistake of buying a mountain cabin time share, get your reservation in now. There’s going to be a rush. Strong demand for the No Internet variety.





I have to say–each of your posts gives me so much joy.

I wish you would post more.


This is the height of irony.

You are the same peek-a-boo who ridiculed people for saying the Obama administration was “squeaky clean” as there were no convictions of officials in his administration, are you not?

Now all of a sudden it’s innocent till proven guilty.

I’m dying over here. Just too funny.


This doesn’t make a lot of sense. You can’t definitively assert “no collusion” and then say you have clue. Unless you’re just trying to convince yourself or cheer up the real dead enders.


Admittedly shared. Stop it.


So in 2024 when Trump completes his second term and we are still waiting for those indictments, then what?


That’s the newest defense. Either that or #notremovedfromofficeyet


They’ll disappear for a while and then come back and claim they never fully supported Trump. Just like they did with Bush and the invasion of Iraq.


Then why does the NYT article clearly state “alleged”?


Fascinating. Lol


This ^^^^^^^^^

So we gotta burn those lifeboats before they swim to them. Never again. :slight_smile:


If you change your name, your hair style, and add a fashionable bicep tattoo, you can truly become a different person.



You are right, Trump has not yet even been indicted.

So that’s the new fallback defensive line for Trump supporters. I was trying to learn what it would be.

I realize you’ve probably never concluded someone was guilty of crimes when they had neither been indicted nor convicted so my thinking through to conclusions must be very distressing to you.


They were the Tea Party types that were deeply concerned about the Bush tax cuts and deficits while they were happening. Probably one of the 30 million that were at Woodstock too.


I don’t know. I didn’t write the article. Nor did I read it. I read the actual court filing. I don’t rely on others to think for me. It was admitted. It’s fact. Period.


I have no problem admitting that I supported the invasion of Iraq. I also have no problem conceding that it 20 20 hindsight shows it was a mistake.


what would it take to take the "allegedly " label off?