Is This the End of "No Collusion"


Actually there was no collusion. You LIBs have already convicted him, yet there haven’t even been indictments.


Isn’t that the way things work in America? Innocent until proven guilty???


It’s the fallback for a lot of Trump employees. That, and “who”?


Is that the way it is with you?


Wrong. Guilty because of admission of guilt. You really didn’t read the filings did you? Lol


Do you think the fact that Trump’s campaign manager shared data with a Russian intelligence operative and then lied about doing so (as admitted by his own attorney) is weird or suspicious? How do you process that piece of factual information?


Habit is powerful. Many Trump supporters have been defending him for two years or so, skipping from no collusion to collusion isn’t a crime to chats about adoption with Russian operatives aren’t illegal to a host other ready-made defenses supplied by the daily check-in with Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

The newest one is either “Let me know when you’ve got him” or “Oh, you’ve got him now,” both of which are basically saying the same thing: “Until Trump is convicted of a crime and/or removed from office through impeachment, nothing else matters.”


Then it will be, “The conviction was rigged.” They’ll never abandon Trump.


From the NYT article in the OP:

WASHINGTON — Paul Manafort shared Trump campaign polling data with an associate tied to Russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign, prosecutors alleged, according to a court filing unsealed on Tuesday.


Yep. And when indictments show, then what?


There is no new line. The line remains “there was no collusion”


There was no collusion. I haven’t changed my position.


Not surprising. This is Vladimir Putin 101


And when it’s proven? What then?


If we thought the deep staters were loony before, we had better get ready for the resurgence of Glenn Beck, Milo, and anyone else with a twist on that nutball theory.

I expect to see a lot of TV personalities scribbling manically on white boards.


Allegedly shared.

That piece of information, in and of itself, proves nothing.

There was no collusion.


Getting ahead of ourselves aren’t we?


Guilty of what?

Seeking and accepting foreign assistance in a Presidential campaign. Possibly offering policy concessions in exchange for assistance. Criminal conspiracy.


There is nothing factual about an alleged event, other than it is alleged.


Anyone proving or convicting any of Trump’s circle will be Deep Staters who rigged the evidence/trial. They’ll never admit they were played. Never.