Is This the End of "No Collusion"


Some people only feel safe in an echo chamber.


I was the original poster. Please go back and read the article that I posted to start this thread, which was the original Times report of the leak of the information that Manafort colluded with the Russians.

Or I can save you time by quoting from the article I posted.

“Mr. Manafort asked Mr. Gates to tell Mr. Kilimnik to pass the data to two Ukrainian oligarchs, Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov, the person said. The oligarchs had financed Russian-aligned Ukrainian political parties that had hired Mr. Manafort as a political consultant.”

This is not marked as a correction in the article.

Please post the Times correction that Mediate is announcing or the rest of us will conclude the Mediaite is providing you with Fake News.

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I clicked on the link to the Times article in the link you provided in Post #1 of your OP, and the correction is noted at the bottom of the article I clicked on.

This makes the article’s headline incorrect, and and anyone who ran with it incorrect as well.

You’re welcome.

No collusion.


The fact that you think that because Manafort asked Kilimnik to give the data to 2 pro-Russia Ukrainians instead of directly to the Kremlin proves there was no collusion is totes adorable.



You are correct about the link at the bottom of the page, but how can you decide that Manafort giving the data to Kilimnik is NOT collusion with the Russians eludes all logic.

And beyond that, let’s see what comes out about the two Ukranians. We kept hearing the Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer whom Donald Trump Jr. and Jared K. met with in the Trump Tower meeting was a private citizen with no connections to the Russian government. Now she’s been indicted on charges or arranging money laundering for Russian oligarchs using US real estate deals.

The good thing about the Times, unlike the Conservative Entertainment Complex, is that it does admit errors.


Another one that just does not have the capacity to get it. Amazing. Lol


But you assured me that the Trump campaign dealing with Russians was all lies. Now you’re defending it. It doesn’t really make sense.


Then drink twice as many. They’re free!


So if all of these meetings and interactions that Trump’s associates had with Russia are so innoculous, why did they all lie about them?


Don’t you always lie when you have nothing to hide?


I have no idea if or why they lied. Neither has been proved. If they committed an illegal activity why hasn’t Mueller charged them for it? So far it’s all been for “lying.” After over two years we still have no allegations of criminal activity. Zero. Maybe next month we will see them?


I never called for impeachment. I do think we need to be courageous enough to face the corruption that is pervasive in Trump’s campaign.

Campaign polls are highly valuable if you are targeting messages, such as the Russian effort to drive up the Jill Stein vote in Wisconsin.

Since such foreign assistance in an election is illegal, assisting it is criminal conspiracy.


The disinformation campaign waged on behalf of Donald Trump was highly targeted. Internal candidate polling (I did this for a while in a previous career) is much more detailed than the polls you see in the newspaper. (For example, in supporting an incumbent mayor we would ask "Is there anything Mayor _____ could do that would get you to vote for him in the upcoming election?)

The best documented example of Russian targeting to date was a campaign to drive up voting for Jill Stein in Wisconsin. Stein’s strong showing there may well have been the reason the state went to Trump and was a critical state in Trump’s victory.

The thing that astounds me about the Trump supporters on this thread is that they don’t recognize that Trump will be such a more effective President if he wins the 2020 election without this taint of corruption. Such a victory would give him a mandate for the wall, which is what they should want. If Trump is innocent we should follow every lead as a means of proving his innocence and enhancing his Presidency.

But Trump’s supporters seem very fearful of what is to be found if we look to closely at Trump, his associates, his tax returns and so forth.

What their fear suggests seems obvious. Personally I prefer America as the home of the brave, but the Republican Party seems to want us to be the home of the terrified, huddled behind walls, asking no questions, and knowing as little as possible. #SAD


Excellent observation and post. Unfortunately this will fall on deaf ears of those who need to hear it most.


It’s been proven over and over again that the Trump campaign has many contacts with Russians.

That you deny this reality is just absolutely amazing.


Democrats are going to try to make it illegal to access 538 and RCP without proof of citizenship next.


And this prediction flows from what source exactly?


Proctological certitude.


using that Don JR. is shacked up with ex-Fox New personality Guilfoyle…like, he left his wife for a symbol of this new, Fox supported life his father dragged him into…and now he might go to jail.

It’s fitting somehow.


how did this go, any idea?