Is This the End of "No Collusion"


You are correct. Manafort passing along proprietary data to Kilimnik and Kilimnik passing it along to Deripaska isn’t collusion at all.

Of course the House Democrats going to be asking Mnuchin why then President is working to lift sanctions on Deripaska.

I am sure it is all innocent.


Wierd to defend the crimes when they don’t even know what the crimes actually are.


Says here that manafort didn’t want kilimnik to pass the information to deripaska.

So there’s that.

Waiting on OP to correct their phony thread. Maybe some others need to apologize and retract their idiot remarks as well.

I’ll be waiting…


Oh, and no collusion.


Instead of 1 Russian… he redirect to 2 Russians? Lmao… how does this support no collusion?


Dude. You are going to impeach Trump because Manafort showed a Russian some polls? When did that become illegal? Are polls classified? Huh? And you can’t impeach a president for the actions of someone else anyway. Again Mueller has nuttin.


Drip drip drip


Those two are Ukranian, not russian.


Interesting, I missed that. Thanks.

Now why would Ukrainians need Trump polling data?


You know Trump has only two more years before his first term ends right? While they fiddle fart around, he appoints hundreds of judges and two, possibly three supreme court justices. So please, take your time Bobby. One must not rush.

Drip, drip, drip. Stalactites drip faster. Gawd. Just wake me if Bobby finishes before the next ice age. :sleeping:


Hundreds of judges? Haha. Is Mexico going to pay these hundreds of judges, too?

Judges are overrated, by the way. Look no further than Warren, Souter, Kennedy, and Roberts. There are no guarantees.


Okay. Then in that case, maybe Bobby is working much, much too fast? I think he has earned a vacation. Maybe three weeks at Hedonism Jamaica?


2 pro Russia Ukrainians.


Overrated. Drinks are watered down, big time.


What I find funny is that you think that this somehow makes it all better.


Guess it comes with not being a collusion gimp.


In name only.

Both are closely associated with Yanukovich and both have deep connections to Russia.


Manafort was the Campaign Chairman for the Trump campaign.

Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States in connection with his failure to register as a foreign agent.

Manafort gave polling data to someone associated with the Russian government.

These are indisputable facts.

When did it become illegal?
It became illegal when Manafort and/or anyone associated with the Trump campaign decided to give that information to a foreign government in exchange for help in electing Donald Trump

I don’t care what Putin or the Russian government did with the information. The act of sending that polling data is a crime, in my mind.


You give Trump too much credit. It is Mitch McConnell that has changed the judiciary. It is McConnell’s legacy… not Trump


If anyone has dipped a toe into one of the global-warming denialist threads, you’ve got to see how denying collusion/conspiracy/obstruction is just practice for some of these guys.

It takes no effort to type the words “No collusion” and “You really got him now,” and if you’re on their side, that’s literally all you have to do.

Ignoring facts and defending the ridiculous while retains one’s anonymity costs nothing.

So it’s about attention. Give them as much as you can. They really need it.