Is this the beginning of the end for the racist/sexist cult of hyper-wokeness?

Even liberal elites in New York City are getting fed up with racist/sexist propaganda permeating many expensive private schools discussed in Bill Maher’s show recently. The woke ideology badgers eight-year-olds to become trans-gender and accuses them of being white supremacists.

Megyn Kelly and Bill Maher described their experiences with this issue to applause from the audience.

Is this the beginning of the end for the racist/sexist cult of hyper-wokeness?

If even New York elites are turning against the ideology, how much longer can it last?

You assume liberal New York elites hold some kind of privileged gatekeeping position in woke culture.

I assume that the New York elites includes the editors, senior reporters, commentators, etc. for the networks and media based in the New York area.

If they get fed up with the cult of wokeness and start to attack it, who will defend it?

Of course, being a cult, there can be retribution for those who leave, especially the first to speak out.

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Is being against blackface, “woke”?

I thought blackface was becoming more popular since we need to be less white?

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Ok, I don’t even agree with the background here but I have to admit, that :point_up: was funny!

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its a non issue if a democrat did it

so why should it be for anyone else?

It isn’t

Is being against blackface woke? Yes or no

Why can’t anyone answer a simple question?

Is being against black face, woke?

without division, racism etc today’s democrat party has no purpose

I can.

Yes, it is.

I am waiting…

Yes, it is Woke.

Thanks for an honest answer.

Therefore, if anyone is against blackface they are woke. I agree.

that is an answer

you just wont accept it

Thanks for the answer.

Are you against “blackface” aka white people wearing blackface paint to depict black people (historical)


It’s is an answer, just not to the question I asked.

A few others answered the question, so it’s cool.

You don’t find blackface racist? Interesting