Is this really the tax plan that you want?

Obama decreased his i inherited deficit by 60%+. No democrat has ever supported $1trillion deficits at full employment


Because the dems won’t tell you what their plan is?

The Trump tax cuts are estimate to cost the government 5.5 Trillion over 12 years. Were you concerned about we pay for that? Its amazing how a pure cost (The tax cuts) you seem to ignore but a redirection of funds we already spend - has you up and bothered.

Personally - I like private insurance with a public option for those that want it / need it - and a massive expansion of HSA / High deductible plans.

But im not gonna use false straw man arguments to push my thoughts. My position can win on facts, not made up stuff.


You make a good point. All the politicians on both sides of the aisle know we’re going to go into the tank because of the debt but no one has the courage to face the issue.

try Google. Both Bernie and Warren (The only 2 candidates left pushing for a pure medicare for all) have released detailed plans.
Bernie even introduced a bill on it that you can read.

I think you are confusing the 2 dems pushing for this detail plan with Trumps “I can fix Healthcare -but i have no details for you until after the next election”.

Obama isn’t running and the national debt doubled under his watch. Deficit trends are useless if the national debt still sky rockets. Who cares?

I ask again, which candidate is going to get the national debt under control. Just give me a name.

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Bush’s last deficit was about 460 billion. Obama ran trillion plus deficits for several years.

Exactly. But people will still cheer their party on every issue. Even when they suck. I wont. Both parties suck!

■■■■■■■■■ Bush’s last budget had the deficit at 460b. In reality, he handed Obama a 1.2 trillion deficit. The CBO literally released a report weeks before Obama was sworn in that showed the deficit would be 1.2 trillion in FY 2009. It ended up being $1.4 trillion.


Talking points. By all means stick with it.


It’s the facts. You’re literally denying reality if you disagree with them.


It seems like a tax plan that has been put together by a think tank and not “the Democrats”

The plan I would like to see is the money spent on my health insurance that is generated as compensation of my labor not go to a private insurance company and then go to cover health costs, but to go directly into paying health costs.

Cut out the middle man.

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He is elderly.

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Sure. If i disagree with you i am always denying reality. :roll_eyes:

Fact is Obama more than doubled our national debt.

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The comment was that democrats become deficit hawks when they aren’t in the WH. Indeed Obama massively reduced the deficit he INHERITED when we were losing 800k jobs a month. No Democrat ever supported $1trillion deficits at full employment

Weeks before Obama was sworn in:

"CBO projects that the deficit this year will total
$1.2 trillion, or 8.3 percent of GDP. Enactment of an
economic stimulus package would add to that deficit. "

The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2009 to 2019
Jan 7, 2009


Obama inherited a roughly $1.3trillion deficit and 800k jobs being lost a month


And the context is important.


It’s a joke. People need to learn how to think for themselves. Anyone who thinks that their own party has done a good job with the national debt. Is not thinking for themselves.

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Go to the campaign websites and you can find detailed plans.