Is this really the tax plan that you want?

So Trump’s tax cuts are a bad idea and massive tax increases are a good idea? The best thing that you can do with your money is to send it to the feds? Because the feds can certainly handle your money better than you. Right? God help us if these crazies take over.

prosperity is the enemy of democrats

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Massive permanent tax cuts for corporations and minor temporary tax cuts for ordinary people. Makes sense to me!

You didn’t answer the question. Is this the tax plan you want?

That would be diabolical and crush the economy.

Medicare would be overwhelmed with cases of depression as retirement accounts vanish.


The borders would be even less defended than they are now. They would be totally overwhelmed with unskilled third world types seeking to cash in on all the free stuff the libs are promising them. Yes diabolical.

Sounds good to me.

No one is proposing a 42% national sales tax, so the question is a straw man.

This fear mongering around “$3 trillion in new taxes!” is just smoke and mirrors—WE ALREADY PAY THIS ■■■■■■■ AMOUNT OUT OF OUR OWN POCKETS TO PRIVATE INSURANCE AND OUT-OF-POCKET MEDICAL EXPENSES! And it’s disproportionately paid by the middle class. It’s time we shift the burden and get on a system that is more efficient, covers everyone and is less expensive. And, you know, doesn’t bankrupt hundreds of thousands and result in 10,000s of thousands of premature deaths.


I was just going to post something like this. I pay $400 / month for premiums out of my pocket. Tax increases need to be taken in the context of current premium payments and employer matches being removed.

They have been pretty quiet about their tax plans so for. They can’t get away with that forever. I can’t wait for them to unveil their tax plan in a debate against the President. That will be epic. Fortunately, most people would rather use their money for a vacation in Jamaica than to send it to the feds.

Newsflash. Offering free medical care to anyone in the world who successfully crashes our borders will not make your cost cheaper.

Meanwhile, under Donald, rising deficits and massive debt, trillions more in military spending.

Liberals: New taxes will have to be implemented to pay for Medicare for All.
Conservatives: I’d rather pay more money to private insurance companies who have a fiduciary duty to their stakeholders to screw us over!


Newsflash: we already have to ■■■■■■■ pay for them via EMTALA when they go to our ERs. How about we give them preventative care and pay pennies for insulin rather than treating amputations and stroke in the most expensive mode of care?

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400 isn’t bad. Not bad at all. I used to pay about 350 per month when i was on my former employer’s plan.

Now I am on medicare and BCBS and still pay about 350 a month.

The difference now is i can’t get everything i could on the employers plan.

I hear medicare doesn’t go for knee replacements or hip replacements for example.

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Since all the tax plans in the article were invented by a conservative think tank, why should this be used to assess what Democrats are going to do on taxes?

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Oh good God. Nobody cares. Liberals suddenly become deficit hawks when they are not in power. Occasionally we see a slight trend in deficits. Who cares? It does nothing. Politicians have spent the past 50 years running up the debt. I have given up hope. Nobody is interested in facing this. Give me the name of the candidate that has a serious national debt reduction plan. I’ll wait. :roll_eyes:

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My elderly father has gotten one knee replaced. Getting the other one done later this month.


Is this the tax plan that you want?

Really? Is he on medicare? :thinking: