Is this proof of media racism?

The same thing FoxNews would be showing.

What’s FoxNews showing right now? OAN? Newsmax?

America’s coverage of international events has been terrible for some time because most Americans don’t give a ■■■■ about what happens outside our borders unless somehow it impacts us.

This is not news to anyone that follows the news.

Despite being the world’s preeminent power, our populace is woefully unaware of what goes on outside the United States.

Or, you haven’t caught up to how news works last decade or so.


Public television and two foreign networks.

That sounds about right…

Al Jazeera is excellent international news. I dig ProPublica for apex domestic reporting.

Exactly! Which would be non stop coverage of the attack in Whiteland.

It took 15 seconds to set up my news feed.

They are a foreign network.

My point exactly.

I’m not arguing that point. Just offering that it’s pretty easy to get good news.

The media is reflective of America.

How Nancy Grace became a TV star…or did you think only pretty blonde girls suffered terrible tragedies abroad?

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It is but it’s far easier to complain it’s not being spoon fed and feign moral outrage.

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True, true, true.

Spot on

You know what’s easier then complaining? Making an observation that we both know is true. :blush:

Not exactly. The media doesn’t give a rats ass about being reflective. They want to influence.

Boko Haram has taken advantage of an ongoing conflict.

How can you know this?


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What would they be showing if 100 Brits had just been killed? Any guesses?

Ah it’s another one of these threads where the OPer just repeats the same thing over and over as opposed to having an actual discussion.

I must be more tired than I thought. Usually I detect the pattern by at most the 6th post.

Oh well…


Here’s my quote. You either ignored it or missed it.

“And it’s been pretty much crickets from the media. Barely touching the story.

I have a question that y’all have been hiding from. What would MSNBC be showing right now if 100 Germans had been slaughtered today?

The media shows us what we want it to show us.

Yeah you’re right.

The media should devote at least a couple of weeks’ worth of 24 hour coverage of this.

That can eat into the time spent talking about the 1,200 people dying EVERY DAY from a pandemic we were supposed to have rounded the corner on.

Oh well…