Is this proof of media racism?

There are reports of an Islamic terrorists attack that has been reported to have killed up to 100 people. And it’s been pretty much crickets from the media. Barely touching the story. I am 100 percent sure the this is because the attack happened in Nigeria not Britain, France, Germany etc. Had it happened in a whiter country, there would be wall to wall, non stop coverage on all channels for days. So what gives?

Islamists Massacre Scores of Farmers in Cold Blood in Northeast Nigeria (

This was on everything from NBC to Drudge to Reuters when it happened.

Ah but there has to be wall to wall, non-stop coverage, to pass that litmus test.

Oh, it has to be moralized and political?

I can prove my point right this second. Turn on any news network and see what they are covering right now.

Don’t try to bull ■■■■ me. You know they would be running this story non stop all day today and tomorrow if this took place in a white country. Don’t act like you don’t know this.

Well, this thread was brief.

What point, that you don’t run your iwn international desk?


Nope. Not a litmus test. Just an observation that you happen to know is true.

But 100 percent accurate. Nothing I said isn’t true. What is CNN showing right now?

NPR, Al Jazeera and BBC have marqee stories. And since Boko Haram has been doing this since June, it’s part of an ongoing series.

The media runs what people want to hear.

So think about why a story about a massacre in Nigeria wouldn’t get much play in the United States.

I didn’t see it get much play on right wing media sites either…even to moralize it.

So…your point?

What is CNN showing right now? What would they be showing if 100 French white folks had been slaughtered.

Ok, but did it get nonstop coverage from Brietbart, Fox, Daily Caller, and Infowars? Because that’s the only truthy media out there.

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Your selective viewing times of CNN does not equal a study of racism nor does it prove any point other than a reason needed to bitch about CNN.


I’m watching Seinfeld on Hulu, with a soccer feed on my tablet, whilst replying to you on my phone because it’s not 1995 anymore


What is CNN showing right now? What would they be showing if 100 French white folks had been slaughtered. What if this had happened in any white country?

I know about it because Reuters and the Beebs are in my feed. Been happening since June.

Didn’t they open for the Bangles back in 87?


Congratulations. If the news reporters on the internet were better than the ones on T.V. They would be on T.V. True in 1995, True now.

BTW. Seinfeld didn’t cover the massacre either.