Is this political theater?

Even if you hate Trump.
You have to accept Biden is just a prop.

If you believe in equality how can that be done.

If you believe in equal justice under the law, how can that be done?

if you believe in equal opportunity in terms of barriers being the same for everyone, how can that be done.

Is there a higher achievement than all people are treated equally? How ca that be done.

Wait, do you believe that if Biden gets elected he is just gonna sit back and do whatever some secret handler tells him to do? Seriously?

not at all, I believe he is a ventriloquist, and therefore can only be a prop.

“Irrelevant, immaterial, inadmissible.”
– Inherit the Wind

He can do worse then Trump.

Our country is based on those ideals.

Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcomes.

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I very much agree.

Yes. It’s not super secret.

Yes. Otherwise they won’t give him his Jello.

It’s not a secret in that people here keep saying it, not that it’s actually true.

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It is true. He’s incoherent. His wife is and will continue to be the gatekeeper.

He will no more be running things than Reagan was his last year.

Is there like an article or link or something to actually discuss?

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Yeah. “True”.


Yes, “like” just watch Biden. There are plenty of articles and links.

Or, this is good for some perspective. Enjoy.

That montage ended world war 2.

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Does he think world war two ended in 1917

Doesn’t even come close in comparison to showing that Biden is seriously unfit for the office.

But hey. I know folks need to feel comforted by Binky Biden right now.


I mean…you think that was the only moment Trump has looked out of it? It’s just that most here don’t care.

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