Is this not a dog whistle from Trump playing on racial fear?

I agree with those who say the racism card is played too often and, being that it is such a serious accusation, I am hesistant to throw it at someone. But, I cannot see how Trump’s tweet from today, saying if Biden becomes president that low income housing would “invade” the suburbs and Corey Booker (a black man) would be in charge of it. I find it hard to believe that the president did not deliberately choose his words to stoke racial fears. Convince me otherwise.


Why can this man not be bothered to spell Cory Booker’s name correctly?

And yes, that’s 1980 Lee Atwater language for sure.


It is what it is.


Historians are calling it a dog whistle. Others may call it TDS.


This is sure to accelerate #Walkaway.


I don’t know about that. He’s definitely fearmongering though; with the mess and crime spikes in the cities as of late - wants to make suburbanites afraid and reiterate that he’s the “Law and order” president.

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Not even a dog whistle any more…straight up bullhorn.


So the OP automatically equate low income housing to Blacks?

What Trump was referring to is government policies of forcing suburbs/rural to become more densely populated.

News flash…people move out in suburbs and rural areas to get away from other people.


Trump is talking about the suburbs like it’s the 1950s.

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Meanwhile…the rioters, looters and left-wing voting base is now moving to suburbs to harass and terrorist those people.

Why would they want them in there area? They meaning left-wingers (Libs). Stay in your city. Suburbs and rural folks don’t want you.

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Trump ain’t hiding it anymore.

In my opinion, this is my trump tweet translation:
“suburban” means white, “safety” means “away from black people,” “low-income housing” means “black people,” “Corey Booker in charge” means “black person in charge.” It’s “what if we make the entire tweet out of the racist dog-whistle.”


So 1950s.

The suburbs are lefties now. :rofl:


I interpret it to mean that Trump says that he will not support a program which includes regulations where low income government subsidized housing is put in suburbs, and that he thinks this will benefit him politically.

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And you feel those “lefties” want government housing projects in their neighborhoods?

You are assuming that only liberals are low-income? And it is not people coming from cities who can’t afford to live in the suburbs. It is the low-income service people who have to move farther and farther away from where they work in order to be able to afford a place to live. This increases traffic, pollution, and means less time to spend with their family.

My local AM radio talker went for a driving vacation in western Wisconsin last week with his wife.

He was back on the air this week saying how shocked he and his wife were at all the Biden signs everywhere. “Even the farms!”

Love it.


That ^^ right there.

It takes some pretty damned racism to equate low-income to blacks.

And people in this thread are eagerly identifying themselves as such.


Yes, if we change it to be what we want him to have said.
I interpret “suburban” to mean “suburban”.
He said what he meant.

Poor kids are as bright as white kids…Joe Biden.