Is this more influence peddling by the Biden's?

So Hunter Biden who has absolutely no reputation as an artists is now selling “art” to anonymous buyers at half a million bucks? All of the sudden, out of nowhere he’s a Rembrandt? And of course libs suspect nothing. The Bidens are incapable of lying. Even Joe’s claim of hitting a 368 ft homerun at the congressional baseball game is probably believed by libs. But this art thing is creepy. Done by the creepiest political family in history. And that’s saying a lot.

Do you have any suspicions?


mooching off your family name isn’t illegal.

So. You think people are coughing up half a million bucks and get nothing but Hunter’s crappy are in return? You have no suspicions?


For twenty years conservatives lost their minds because Serranos and Maplethorpes are art.


its all random chance, just like Trump Jr writing a book at the same time his dad ran for office.

What do you think about Hunter’s “art.” What do you think the anonymous buyers are getting for half a million? A crappy painting? Or possibly more?

I think art markets defy logic. And I have invested in a couple of galleries.

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Of course it is. The Biden’s integrity would never allow for shenanigans.

I’m not convinced you actually believe this. Your brain does function after all.


So does paying half a million for a first time “artists.”

Not at all. Have you never been to any city in the US?

What is your thought here? That he is selling access to his dad?

what illegal has happened here, does Hunter work for the government?

Art exist for rich people to avoid paying taxes.
there is a whole documentary on the subject.


I think Hunter is being smart and using his very famous last name to milk every drop of money he can.

Sometimes; often, not in the US; especially for gallery and international purchases.

I bought my wife a signed series for our wedding. It’s not worth more or less than I paid for it. Depending on the survival of the other 24 elements of the series, it could be worth tens or hundreds of thousands to a collector.

As the son of an artist, I can’t agree.

But I won’t pretend to understand art markets.


Why did you have to guarantee they’re going to mention Piss Christ?


Because that’s the point. For decades, these same kind of people have been incensed that this art is art.

So, why, of a sudden, is some banal second-son’s output - not art?

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I just looked up some of his art. Pretty good if you are into modern art. I’d display a Biden.