Is this Melania?

Valid point!

We’re all in this together.

You can keep it up. Just good for future reference.

It’s not like it hasn’t already been done to death in Moochelle threads.

And who can forget all the cankles posts about Hillary.

That’s cuz Donald is doing it for her.



One of my Facebook friends just shared a post about Donald and Melania visiting Alabama. The comments are hilarious. People think Trump actually cares about the tornado and are accusing Obama of doing similar things just for show. One person even thanked God for giving us a god fearing man as president.

You know, one can click on your “posting”, and then hit “Search Google for this image” to see where that type of crap comes from. The sewer of the internet.

Well done.

Thats the Fat Faced Double. Ive seen her before

It was supposed to be a light hearted thread, all in good fun, don’t be major buzzkill.

Is it ok to post the Lesbian Pics of Melania as long as we attribute it and describe what is going on and provide a link? I love that stuff!

I guess we all have googled it at one point already

Post them plz is it allowed?

Im pretty sure Id eat 1K year ban. Just google it. Much safer( for me). We have all seen them anyway. I don’t really care for Russian woman (or guys for that matter)

Yeah…and you only wish your lady friend looked as miserable. :sunglasses:

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Her physical beauty isn’t really an issue. She has demonstrated she isn’t someone I would really want anything to do with.

Really? I can’t say I’m that familiar with her but I’ve not seen anything derogatory. What is it in her past that makes you write her off?

Two things really.

  1. The “I don’t really care, do u?” jacket she wore on her way to view migrant children who had been separated from their families and indefinitely detained demonstrated a real callousness.
  1. Just the general fact she would be willing to get involved with Trump in the first place and sit around in relative silence while he has done all of the things that he has, both to her and to those around him. It shows me that she either values money more than her principles or she simply doesn’t have any.

I have a hard time understanding her English. I placed that jacket in the same category when I saw it. What do you think she was attempting to say? Do you think she was saying, I don’t care?

I didn’t. IMO she was pointing out that so many really don’t care about this until it becomes a political knife to cut the other side with. It wasn’t about the children. This would make sense when you realize that the “cages” were built under the Obama Administration but no one cared about them at that time. Did you make a stink about it? When I looked at the cages and why they were there, I understood them. They were children and they were being protected from the very people they were traveling with.

Well she is not American and you are. These two cultures clash. To them a smile meams your a jack ass. To us it means you are #winning. Yeah Russia went through some extremely difficult times afterr the Nation failed. Her prime. They were eating grass. Do they value the security of money more than Americans? Yes. They were literally dying in the streets. To them life is cheap