Is this Melania?

Ok guys, time for some light hearted fun. This picture was taken today in AL.

It’s blowing up in the internets suggesting it’s not Melania but instead it’s a body double.

I think it’s her but the harsh raking light makes her features look different. What say you?

Damn, just found another pic and it appears to be her. Thread fail. :worried:

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I was going to say I didn’t think it was her, because she was actually holding Trump’s hand, not swatting it away.


Judging her expression I expect she just found out they were in Alabama and not Florida or New York.

ETA: Kudos. I’ve never seen anyone start and /thread in the first two posts. Not as funny as “BOOM” but a first. :wink:


She always looks so absolutely miserable. I wonder if the money was worth it all.

Maybe because she didn’t get to wear her “I don’t really care do U” jacket? And there isn’t enough money in the world…

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Selling oneself out for money rarely is.

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Probably wants to be home hanging out with her chain migration parents.


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That’s just her resting “when can I go I go back to my ‘personal trainer’” face.

Its the lip color that throws the picture off.

That’s probably it, because it does look like the same expression. Or lack of one.

It will be.

What can I say, I take responsibility for my actions. :sunglasses:


dimocrats have absolutely lost their minds.


The OP says it is meant to be light-hearted fun look at internet buzz, and everyone has chimed in to say it is false; seems like we are pretty sane here, eh?

Bro, it’s supposed to be a fun thread, don’t harsh my buzz.:v:

I think he’s disappointed because a proper picture driven thread should be titled “Caption This”. Then it’s funny.

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Cool. So can we compare dems to people of the opposite sex? All in just light-hearted fun? I thought making fun of people based on their looks was frowned upon?

Tell you what, I’ll delete that post to make you happy. We cool?

Nope, it’s all good. I just want to know the standard of the day.

Let’s see which democratic women I can compare to men all in the name of good fun…