Is this Lockdown Constitutional?

Getting sick is not a crisis.

Twice as bad as flu is no longer a crisis.

When the threat was potentially 10X worse than the flu…I could go along with crisis.

Time to phase out the crisis rules and protect the co-morbid and elderly. I think we can do this.


Have another cup of coffee.

No jitters?


When was abortion made illegal? I hadn’t heard that.


Abortion being equal to murder is a matter of opinion, not codified law. Personal opinions have little to no bearing on litigation. Sorry.


Excellent, may the force be ever in your favor. And thanks for being a business owner that contributes to society. More people should follow suit. :wink:

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Can this be merged with one of the other multiple identical threads the OP has made?

What in the Constitution Allows the Government to Make All these Businesses Close?

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Different enough, and more substansive than the other one.

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No worries. I just dont see any difference other than one thred is newer and that the position hasn’t been thoroughly destroyed yet in this one

Wait I was wrong. This one was utterly destroyed in the very first reply

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Uh no. Thread continues.

The US Code is not the Constitution and you might want to read that.


Great post.

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Your assumption is wrong as shown in the very first reply

So is murder by opening a door, a stupid opinion. Not codified law.

Personal opinions have a great deal of bearing on litigation.

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No it wasn’t.

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Has that law been challenged in the 67 years it’s been enacted?

Are you saying there have NEVER been any laws that have been challenged and found unonstitutional. That is a LAW . . . not a part of the constitution.

Of course not. I’m saying that in 67 years this law has never been challenged in a system where practically everything is. There is a reason for that.

Also it’s clear that the 10th amendment grants the states the power to control commerce

That is a federal law – has the the Federal Government order businesses in all states shut down?

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Doesn’t give the states the right to violate the constition however.