Is this Lockdown Constitutional?

I don’t believe it is. To tell the whole country they aren’t ALLOWED to make a living, they MUST shut down their business, they are not ALLOWED to go to work, that they MUST let our country to go into a new great depression & starve is to me not only Un-Constitutional, but grounds to remove politicians from office.

Putting people in jail & imposing massive fines when you are letting actual criminals, rapists, serial killers, murderers, thieves, drug dealers, & pedophiles out is not just disgusting, truly unsafe, & absurd beyond belief, but is a danger to our freedoms, to democracy, & every freedom.

But hey, I’m sure there will be many who doesn’t care, like this crap, & want the US to not be a free country. They probably think they will get to be in on telling everyone what to do.

I HOPE the people don’t put up with this any more.

New laws need be enacted that will specifically prohibit any government official from IMPOSING this kind of overreach, oppressive rules, or arbitrary mandates ever again without the legislature approving each specific IMPOSITION.


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We need more protests, more civil disobedience, more defiance, & in mass. We must put a stop to this despotism.


(42 U.S. Code § 264) /thread.


Think about this: What states have freedom? My opinion, none, really. Not any more. What state can you move to in order to be free?

No you don’t “Got it”.

BOGUS argument. Didn’t take long…

People who have contagious diseases are often quarantined to protect the rest of us. But lockdown policies quarantine healthy people, those who should be free to live their lives as they see fit.

It is a little like putting women in jail to protect them from rapists.

Justice matters too. And freedom. And many other things we can’t begin to put a price tag on.


I’m opening back up, full steam ahead this coming Monday.


Good for you! Amen.

Hope you have a good attorney to handle the pending litigation.

The left LOVES this stuff! LOVES it!

Uh huh. Because lawsuits are strictly a Right/Left issue. :roll_eyes:

No, the left loves to control freak everyone & tell everyone what to do. They love putting people in jail for daring to disagree with them or oppose their insane agenda. :roll_eyes:


Yeah it’s just “the Left”. Because public decency laws consistently pushed by the Right aren’t an example of attempting to “control freak everyone and tell them what to do.” No siree. :lying_face:


I don’t but I’ve got a good accountant and he’s more necessary to account for the revenue being generated by opening up. It will also generate taxes to pay for all of this…stimulus. That’s good news…correct?


I suppose. Are the millions awarded in damages to potential future plaintiffs tax deductible? I’m thinking not.

The left don’t think there should be any kind of restrictions on public nudity but have no problem with control freaking every aspect of our lives including freedom of speech, the press, religion, & gun ownersership? Pfffffffffffft! :face_vomiting:


Like I said, the left LOVES this stuff!

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The state of North Carolina is opening back up at 5:00 tomorrow night. I’m not. I’m waiting till Monday morning.

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Yep that’s one in the get sick category.

Yeah, that’s one in the freedom category, something the left hates. I’ll never understand it, either.

Yeah…hide…in the corner…under the bed…lock your doors…don’t come out…the corona monster is waiting…for…YOU! :sunglasses: