Is This Harassment?

Then he should stop baking cakes. He bakes cakes for people who are on their 3rd marriage, adulterers, sodomites, drunks, swingers and anything else you can think of. Why does he consider gayness to be so much worse than the others? Every person he bakes for is a sinner. It’s just a freaking cake, bake it. Gays have to eat too. Or would he prefer they starve?


Commerce clause when such non-state private businesses engage in interstate commerce or use materials obtained through interstate commerce.

You know, the basis of Federal Public Accommodation laws known as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and validated by the SCOTUS in the case of Heartland of Atlanta Motel v. United State.

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t support PA laws and think they should be repealed at both the Federal and State levels, but the question was under what enumerated power did Congress act.)

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BTW - the suit wasn’t brought under Federal PA laws.

It was filed under Colorado’s anti-discrimination law. Federal statutes have nothing to do with it.


Everyone is primed and ready for this thread!

That’s not your call.

And he bakes cakes for gays.

He just doesn’t bake ones that are specifically to celebrate gay sex, just like you can bet he wouldn’t bake one to celebrate adultery or swinging, etc.

Now you’re verging on foolishness.


Now you’re verging on rudeness. We had a spirited discussion going. No reason to poison it with a personal cheap shot.

It was a foolish statement. Nothing personal about it. I commented on the statement.

He doesn’t throw gay or lesbian customers out of his store, or refuse to serve them any products he bakes.

He just doesn’t want to make same sex wedding cake, or celebration of homosexuality or sex reassignment.

Not sure why various GLBTQ individuals are trying to force him to celebrate aspects of their identity when he feels uncomfortable doing so. Doesn’t a merchant have the right to say, no.

I’m cash only. Or don’t accept Discover Card. Or AMEX. Or CIGNA. Or Medicaid.

Don’t they have the right to teach whatever students? Let’s say a small dance studio only teaches children, doesn’t accept adult students.

Why, then, can’t they refuse to provide a service for religious reasons? Or conscience? There are probably far more merchants who would be happy to honor the request than ones who refuse & the affected groups can take their business to them.

Yeah I really do understand the argument of those who say Christians don’t refuse various services to couples in a shotgun wedding or various other actions that go against the faith.

However, I wonder can any of them show proof of a request like a cake saying something like “The Third Time’s The Charm”, or “Happy Shotgun Wedding”, or “Congrats on the Mistress”. Seems to me those particular sinners aren’t asking others for a celebration of those sins.

You have no idea what they’re asking for.

Here is a Catholic business that is straight forward on its website about everything from methods of payment accepted to which products go against their conscience—artificial birth control.

This is an established business that, AFAIK, no one has challenged to provide a product the proprietor doesn’t per his faith. Why can’t Jack Phillips have the same consideration? Or be straight about which products he doesn’t wish to provide?

What are you going on about? I only ask because your post says you are replying to me but your post makes no sense in reply to mine…

That onwer refuses to carry a product… he is not refusing to sell a product he carries to a certain group of people…

If he carried birth control but refused to sell to single people because he believed it would be him supporting sex outside of marriage then the situation would be the same and he would lose any lawsiit brought by a non married person he refused to sell to…

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This would be equivalent if the business provided a product to some people but did not provide the same product to others. Why is this so hard?

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What do you consider being judgmental? Confronting sin and calling for repentance? Standing up to licentiousness? Or just not wanting it thrown in your face so you have to proactively accept it?

I’ve encountered people (not you) who seem to think that merely the last is the height of being judgmental, that you cannot not-judge unless you actively accept and defend. But to listen to those voices is to start to become like so many who are politically correct: prisoners to the dread of being called unmutual, the path of conformity and virtue signaling, announcing how PC and Woke you are (lest the rest turn against you) when people have any made up self serving word to bring to bear against you.

The Commerce Clause was only created to permit the federal to stop the States from abusing their Jurisdictions to harm the citizens of other States.

The Court was and is in abeyance to opine it extends to what private persons do, never mind what they do that may somehow affect Interstate commerce.

The power they have claimed over all commerce is far greater than the one actually granted.

Or do you imagine that lawlessness and corruption comes first in even the generation of the Founders and fidelity and respect for oath of office comes later on?

Oh, Gee, it appears from the article and the telling photo business owner Jack Phillips DOES sell his baked goods to homosexual customers. He simply isn’t open to filling their marriage, gender transition decoration on a cake requests.

Many non Muslims shop in Halal grocery stores & butcher shops. The owners don’t care about their beliefs—just their money.

Want to try to find or have a baker make Christmas cookies? Or stock items like wine or pork products or non Halal frozen foods because to not do so is considered discrimination against non Muslim customers?

The proprietor of such a business would have himself a good laugh—like many of us in thread where the O P criticized Jewish CEO Howard Schultz of Starbucks for not providing Christmas themed coffee cups. Yet many think it’s OK for a Christian to be forced to provide products that express ideas contrary to their faith.

IMO & that of the couple in the linked article, that’s wrong.

That might be the best post I’ve ever seen from you. Nicely done.

No.but you have to hate in order to track down Christian bakers to sue in a town full of bakers.

Alot of words just say… “let the sex circus begin!”