Is This Harassment?

The original gay couple wanting a cake for their wedding & not knowing Jack Phillips was a Christian was one matter.

But two, and now three in the GLTBQ community have tried to make him prepare cakes for their events? They didn’t have an idea of Mr. Phillips’ beliefs by this time?

I don’t think that’s the case. My question is does thr behavior of various individuals against Jack Phillips constitute harassment?

When a person applies for a business license they agree to abide by all local, state and federal laws… harassment for a company to follow the law?

Normally a business will sell to a gay couple…

Since he is not acting normally that makes him abnormal…

And if we learned anything from conservatives its that abnormal behavior should not be tolerated…


Care to name the enumerated power given Congress to write federal civil rights statutes that non-State actors have to respect?

ar you suggesting the civil rights act is unconstitutional?

Yes it’s harassment…and extremely intolerant. they’re trying to force the baker in accepting their moral values using the strong arm of goverment.



I simply don’t understand these individuals. They know the business owner is opposed to actions like sex reassignment surgery & same sex marriage; could get a cake from any number of vendors; yet seek him for their business?

Good grief there are other vendors who would probably welcome their business. I guess this is something like Groucho Marx’ “I’m distrustful of any club that would actually have me as a member.”

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In so far as it addresses non State actors, yes. It is entirely outside of the scope of the powers delegated to the federal.

But then the idea that the federal has a lawful power to address activities that affect commerce between the States but which are not factually somone engaged in Interstate Commerce is likewise unconstitutional … just the Court pulling lawlessness out its Can as it kicks the Constitution to the curb.

Worry not, a fresh round of GoFundMe is right around the corner.

Very trusting to harass the people making food for you.

I seem to recall an old comic stereotype about big city people merely not tipping the deli delivery people adequately.

I agree it’s harassment if they know about the court case this guy has already been through, but I don’t think being gay is a “moral value”.

Did you decide to be straight? Cuz gays say it’s not a choice and I don’t see any reason to doubt them.

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Will you be so happy to cite the law when the law changes?

What is it with these cake bakers? Why are they all so homophobic? Is there a rule that you have to hate the gays in order to bake a cake?

He does. He has. He will continue to.

I understand them fully.

It’s calculated and deliberate. They do so to create a lawsuit.

It’s harassment.


Correct. BEING gay is not a moral issue. And it’s well documented that this baker serves gays in his business.

Being called upon to celebrate someone else DOING gay most certainly is. And that’s the grounds on which he draws the line.

The latest issue is about his refusal to make a cake celebrating the client’s transition. He shouldn’t have to do that.

Christians should stop judging gays right now. Just end it and focus on their own sins. God does not need their assistance in passing his judgement. And he certainly isn’t sending anyone to hell for baking a cake. To their credit, millions of Christians have decided it’s none of their business. They’ve moved on. To sooner the rest do, the better.


What is it with so many ignorant statements from libs?

The baker is not judging gays.

The baker doesn’t want to participate in what his faith considers sinful. Is it too much to ask to let him refrain from what he considers participating in sin?

PS: Nobody else gets to decide for him what he considers sinful. You and I may not agree with his view of the issue, but it’s not our call to make.