Is this acceptable?

Please let me know if this is acceptable here. I am thinking it must be, because the post recieved three likes.

One poster says she has to go take an exam and she will return later. Here is her quote:

Now this esteemed member replies with:

This remark had nothing to do with the topic of the thread at all, and received three “likes”.

Further in the thread, @FlameHeart replies with this:

and this quote follows:

This post received a “Like” as well.

Then the next post from this member was

So I ask you, Is this the type of community we are trying to build? If it is, why do so many caustic replies seem to be tolerated in one direction only?

If it is not the type of community we are trying to build, why is it not only tolerated, but encouraged by others in the way of receiving “Likes”

I for one am ashamed.

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Are you kidding with this?


If you really believe the “caustic shots” only go in one direction you either don’t read enough or you are just fine with them when they come from “your” side.


I consider it a serious question.

You should recognize it as a problem too. We all should.

There was no suggestion in the OP that it’s only one-sided.

It’s all too common on the board. It’s the atmosphere we’ve generated here. Maybe it’s time we all worked to dial back the decibels on this stuff.

Christmas season. Maybe that’s the soil we need for raising up better angels in all of us. (I credit Joe Biden for using the term recently.)

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I guess they technically said it was only tolerated by one side - which is not true. It’s not hard to find “caustic shots” posted by folks on both sides.

Doesn’t fix the problem.

This thread is an opportunity to call all of us to better behavior around here.

There absolutely was the suggestion that caustic replies “only go in one direction”.

If it is, why do so many caustic replies seem to be tolerated in one direction only?

To which of course I replied “Are you kidding?”

And no…I don’t recognize it as a problem.

I recognize that we are all adults and most of what goes on here is nowhere near as bad as people want to make it out to be.

The statement was that toleration goes in one direction.


Pretty sure the npd comment was directed to mean trump, not a member of the board…


Careful with the finger-pointing there.

My point is it’s not anywhere near the problem people think it is. Trust me there are groups where the “caustic comments” are way worse.

We have passionate debaters here. Emotions, caustic and sarcastic comments come with the territory.

Be grown up about it. It’s anonymous Internet people…do you really care how they feel about you or what they say to you?

We have decent conversations sometimes despite these things.

It’s not a problem of anything other than thin skins.

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We’re in agreement. Christmas miracle.

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Your own words do the pointing. I just quoted them.

Just shrug off the juvenile behavior some people want to do. :man_shrugging: