Is this a hate crime?

Is this a hate crime that I keep hearing about?

This looks like a reason to have a well armed populace.

Amazon needs to be sued big time. Right libs?

Sure. She’d definitely get her medical bills covered, and probably a couple grand in “pain and suffering.”


Does it, though?

Do you really think Karens with guns would have ended up with a better resolution?


What for? You heard the driver… The 68 year old women was attempting to use her “White Privilege”. People that do that need to be beat and punched.

No, we didn’t.

Yes…Stupid people will be taken out of the gene pool. I didnt see anywhere where this 68yo women was threatening. I do believe if the 68yo women had shot the Amazon worker after being struck, and I was on the jury, I would never have voted to convict. Once you put your hands on someone, all bets are off as far as I am concerned.

So the world would better off - in your opinion - if an over-worked 21-year-old who snapped at a rude woman was dead, rather than her legally suffering the consequences of her actions.


IF the driver accused her of using her white privilege to get her package faster before striking her than yea, it should be a hate crime.


That’s not how hate crime laws work.

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So if a white dude using the N word before beating the crap out of a black dude it won’t be a hate crime?

Not necessarily, no. It’s not about magic words.


I would think those word pretty much prove you committed the crime because of the person’s race no?

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Well, yeah. That was their driver that assaulted her.

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No, they don’t. That’s not how the law works.

It’s not about magic words. It’s about the totality of the facts.

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Hate Crime: A Black guy, who openly hates Asian people, cruises the streets looking for a target. He spots an elderly Asian women, gets out of his car and beats her to death.

Not Hate Crime: A Hispanic woman, doing her job, gets called a nasty name and flips out, beating the person that said it.

Yes it is. “White privilege”.

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No, it’s correct.

I moved it. This is not a 2nd Amendment issue.