Is this a clear cut case of self-defense?

I believe so. Curious on what others think?

Warning shots into the air, eh? lol


Actually, they could be prosecuted for firing the warning shots, which are illegal pretty much everywhere except Florida.

Never fire warning shots.

If he keeps coming, shoot to kill, period.


You won’t get a warning shot from me…but yes it’s self defense.

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I can’t imagine being faced with that situation. The last thing someone wants to do is to kill someone so warning shots were maybe the best way they could attempt to avoid taking the guy’s life.

But, after he kept coming there was no choice.

So, yes. Self defence.

The issue with warning shots and the reason they are illegal in most jurisdictions and discouraged in all jurisdictions is that they present an uncontrolled ballistics situation.

Even if the round is fired in the air, gravity ensures that what goes up must come down. Many people have been injured by rounds fired in the air a long way away. In the intensity of an encounter, you may not be realizing exactly where you are aiming if you are not aiming center mass at the target.

NEVER fire a warning shot, even in Florida where it is legal to do so.

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True, I am just trying to figure why the warning shots.

My take is that they likely never took any training to use a weapon, which would explain the lack of judgement.

BTW, since I didn’t explicitly say earlier, yes, this is clear self defense.

I would never fire into the air. That’s idiotic and dangerous. Plenty of warning shots into the ground around here to frighten away critters though. :woman_shrugging:


Maybe. But also, maybe they didn’t want to take a life. The way they acted before the kill shot seems to support that, given that they gave the guy multiple warnings.

I can understand a citizen risking trouble from warning shots if it spares them from shooting somebody.

Is a warning shot fired into the ground on ones property also illegal?

Another example of non-compliance and ending in the perp dying. In this type of situation, which comes first…the chicken or the egg? It appears to be a senseless national debate where culture is the factor that’s got to change.

:rofl: I never heard it put like that.


Probably. It’s definitely stupid

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Into the ground you say! :rofl:


Warning shots are a) a waste of ammo, b) irresponsible because what goes up must come down. My warning shot would be center mass.


Should be, the round could very likely ricochet.

Agreed. I have no idea what I would do in a situation like that. Not until it actually happens.

Clearly, the folks were trying to scare him off so they didn’t have to take a life. He made the choice for them.

If someone invades my home there is no “scaring off”, it is center mass.

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