Is There No Shortage of Whiners?

So, this young woman attending her prom sees a beautiful dress and says “That’s me!”, and buys it for the special occasion, having no malice at all towards Chinese or their culture, and she gets a barrage of whiners and victims, saying she must apologize?! And a bunch of commentary about that “cultural appropriation” nonsense?

So now I guess we can’t appreciate something like a food or clothing item from a particular culture if I get this right. We’re all supposed to live in our own isolated little enclaves, never mix and mingle with anyone, or enjoy something another culture has to offer. We’re now “culturally appropriating” if we do this.

Notice how the harshest critics are Chinese raised in the U S, and Chinese actually living on the mainland aren’t at all offended by this young woman’s appreciation of their history and culture? Sounds like the whiners and victims griping about her need to get a life.

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Try this one instead

Per the other, Chinese living in their ancestral country appreciated her gesture.

She looks absolutely stunning in that dress.

Not to mention nice butt. :wink:

BTW your first link doesn’t work.

Got to that in post 2. The second link is from USA Today, and I usually don’t have problems copying their stuff.

Where’s the picture?

Conan you’re well past the age of commenting on prom butts without it being creepy. Wind your neck in.


I"m sorry Sneak…but age has nothing to do with it.

That could be a Roy Moore or Donald Trump quote!


You’re wrong. Creepy.

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Attraction is beyond age, race, culture and in some cases sex etc.

If that makes me a perv then so be it.

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So this is about people responding to her Twitter post? Really?

Who cares???

But lets get to the point. Should Asian girls be stop wearing western cloths?

wow. what a post.

Truth hurts?

How many times you see a woman and go wow, she got your attention but yet a different race? Different age? Or from another cultures.

It’s is only the second reaction is when racism plays into it, or one own bigotry.

Darn tootin’!

Did he attracted you? Was that your first impression?

Was that an attempt at humor? It’s really hard to tell when what you say makes literally zero sense.

No, my first impression of your post is that you’re acting a bit like Roy Moore.

So tell me. Should only Japanese women wear only Japanese cloths?

To me it what makes some of them so attractive in first place.

Part of the beauty in different cultures is precisely their cultures.

then you’re missing larger picture.

And I pity you.

There is no larger picture. Sneaky is right. Spare me your ■■■■■■■■.

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I don’t understand why dumb people on Twitter warrant a post.